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YPI Honduras 2014

The Global Awakening YPI trip to Honduras began with a strong united front. The team of around 130 youth and their leaders arrived July 1 and July 2 into San Pedro Sula, Honduras. After a quick bus ride from the airport to El Manzano, a quaint Honduran restaurant, the team enjoyed a delectable cuisine. It quickly became a favorite where most meals were eaten. Once at the hotel, the students and the rest of the team found their roommates, got their name tags and settled into their hotel rooms. The first night that everyone was there (July 2), students worshipped under the leadership of Nick Riddell from Australia. The team was introduced to the Global Awakening staff and then worshipped some more before dinner and some much needed rest.

July 3rd began with early morning training with Timothy Berry and the team members who have been selected to be teachers and preachers. Two morning sessions for the entire team were led by Nick Riddell's worship and a session on the five-step prayer model by Tom Jones. The Honduran church members who joined us were united with us in prayer and worship and were especially touched toward the end of this session. A second session on words of knowledge was taught by Jamie Galloway during which The Lord sent a rain storm to cool the enormous open air church before the YPI team left to go to lunch. That night the team was divided into four groups of 30 to 40 people to go to four separate churches. The Honduran churches welcomed us with open arms and read in Spanish from Psalm 133 about how pleasant it is when believers live together in unity. We worshipped in the Spanish language as the students prayed for the members of the Honduran churches for physical issues which included stomach problems, joint pain, headaches and even a person who testified to their belief of their healing of AIDS. The Honduran churches are so hungry for a touch from God and the YPI team had already been touched through the worship, teachings and healings they experienced in the first few days.

Students and team members spent their 4th of July loving on a people for whom their hearts had become increasingly inclined toward. The training sessions included impartation from Timothy Berry and Randy Clark. Many of the local people as well as the YPI team received powerful visitations from the Holy Spirit. That evening Randy Clark led a healing and impartation service with nearly 5,000 people in attendance. Almost 200 were healed and dozens received intense impartations and visitations.

On Saturday, July 5th, the YPI team experienced breakthrough like never before this trip. During the morning sessions the team was equipped through messages on the Biblical basis for healing given by Randy Clark and Biblical prophecy by Jamie Galloway. Again, during Jamie's teaching, the heavens were opened and it began to rain and worship broke out.

After a break for a late lunch and a trip to get cleaned up at the hotel, the team again broke up into their four buses and headed out to four churches. Even as the intercessors prayed, they felt tonight would be different than other nights. There was a hunger and desperation to see God move on this generation in the city of San Pedro Sula. True to His Word, God had called His people, put faith in their hearts and a cry in their spirits that longed for encounter. During the evening services, every group at every church witnessed blind eyes opened or deaf ears opened or the lame walking and some groups experienced all three. One group was blessed to minister to a passionate youth group whose church had been praying for the United States and the two groups instantly fell in love with each other. This group saw scores of salvations and healings, however, the unity, friendship and love that they shared was an even stronger and more powerful experience.

On Sunday morning the team enjoyed worship together in the morning at the hotel. They were ministered to through a message by Tom Jones about walking in their destiny and not wavering in their faith as they steadfastly wait to see the fulfillment of all of God's promises. The second morning teaching was given by Blaine Cook about how we all are the type of people God wants to use to continue the evangelistic movement begun by King Jesus. The simplicity of loving and hanging out with the lost was the core message. The team was encouraged by hearing testimonies of salvations that came as the result of simple obedience and loving God and loving people. Toward the end of this message on evangelism God began to break the hearts of the team for the lost and many wept over the souls of this generation.

Sunday evening was spent walking in the destiny of ambassadors of reconciliation. The gospel went forth and the sick were prayed for as the team laid their hands on many who were genuinely touched by the Holy Spirit. If there were still any doubts of the calling of Christ, they all melted away as the young people and their leaders saw the Kingdom come to earth through the prayers they prayed by the Spirit of our living God. The team excitedly shared testimonies at dinner and in the buses on the way back to the hotel for the fifth consecutive night as God showed up the way He promises He will.

On Wednesday, July 9th, the YPI youth and young adults split into groups of 8-14 members with a Global Awakening team leader and a translator. They spent Wednesday afternoon ministering on the streets with some smaller churches, their pastors and a few members. The teams knocked on doors while walking through some of the poorest neighborhoods most of the team had ever seen. The dirt roads were littered with trash but the filth and whispers of danger nearby did not daunt the teams. They poured out love and peace to the Hondurans in church neighborhoods, praying for eyes and ears to be opened and chains to be broken. Many tears were shed as the teams walked and prayed for family members who needed healing, salvation and protection.

The churches fed the visiting teams a typical Honduran meal for dinner and allowed the youth to lead the teaching and preaching after evening worship. The services continued as words of knowledge were given and people came forward desperately desiring to receive healing and impartation. The teams again saw deaf ears open, backs, legs and stomachs freed from pain and even a tumor diminish in size. Thursday and Friday were similar as teams even had the opportunity to share their faith at local public schools, to pray with students to receive salvation and to pray blessing over their families and teachers. Some even joined the Honduran children outside for recess playing fútbol (soccer) and giving countless piggy back rides!

Upon arriving back at the churches that had children attending those schools, the blessings continued to flow. At least one pastor was an ex-gang member and his heart for the youth in San Pedro Sula was an encouragement and inspiration that God is at work already in Honduras. Another pastor called the team in before street ministry and washed every person's feet moving the YPI students to tears. The teams were blessed to partner with the churches and God in acts of service like this as they prayed for God to draw even more people to Himself.

During Phase 2 the teenagers in these groups displayed such wisdom and grace as they shared testimonies to build faith and prayed humbly, even kneeling in the dirt to pray for people.