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December Brazil 2014

Between December 8, 2014 and December 16, 2014, 56 lovers of Our Lord Jesus from Australia, Canada, Egypt, United Kingdom and United States came together in Londrina, Brazil to minister. This group of remnant overcomers is a part of the new class of Kingdom warriors that the Lord has mantled with authority and endued with dunamis resurrection power because they are broken, humble and have a heart for serving and loving on people.

“For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.” 1 Corinthians 4:20

Our first evening in Londrina, we went to a local Presbyterian church (about 1500 people) for a healing miracle service. This was Randy Clark’s first time to minister to a Presbyterian Church in over 35 years as a minister.  The next morning found us at the same location. Randy spoke each time. Holy Spirit was present and many were healed (300+) to the glory of the Lord. Our team gave words of knowledge, prayed for the people and did one-on-one ministry with the assistance of translators. How awesome to serve the Lord’s precious people whom we were so blessed to minister to as the Love of Papa, Jesus and Holy Spirit was poured out on each precious soul!

One event stood out from our time at this church. We prayed and interceded for 2-year-old David, a dear little baby who had had stomach cancer/tumor for 3 months. As his mother held him and he was clinging to her in pain, we commanded the spirit of cancer to leave and cursed the tumor to dry up and dissolve. We continued to pray for complete healing to manifest in David’s body.

The week progressed with opportunities to minister in other churches addition to ministering in the public square as well as a youth rally in Londrina. Holy Spirit ministered powerfully to people. One of the most powerful evenings was Friday, December 12, when the presence of Holy Spirit burned like a “Holy Ghost Inferno” into the wee hours of Saturday morning. The night was on fire and the worship was insane. The youth of Londrina were ministered to as the Fire of God hit them.

The following are the stats for the trip:

Attendance – 7,055                                                     Physical Healings – 909

Sovereign Healings – 729                                           Emotional Deliverance – 780

Salvations (Team Prayed) – 76                                  Salvations (Invitations) – 56

Rededications – 45                                                     Blasted – 1,288

Blind Healed – 16                                                        Deaf Ears Opened – 21

Tumors Disappear – 9                                                Lame Walking – 9

Metal Miracles – 14

Thank you Heavenly “Abba” Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit! To you belongs all of the Glory and the Honor. Thank you for your amazing love to all of us.