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December 2015 Brazil

Ten days since we touched down again in Wellington, New Zealand after the trip of a lifetime.

"..the Lord uses US by releasing His power through us." The Essential Guide to Healing pg74

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November 2015 Mozambique

The Jesus film comes to an end. A woman appears on a flatbed truck with a screen attached to it. She is a blond woman who speaks English and Portuguese. I have seen her in the United States but in a much different setting. We are not in the West anymore. We are a one hour drive from Pemba, Mozambique in the African bush.  Heidi Baker's voice is loud and piercing when one stands in front of the JBL speakers being run off a generator. Bright lights expose the crowd in front of Heidi and light up the back of her head. This isn't a conference. This is bush outreach.

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September 2015 Brazil

Overall, this trip was very successful and encouraging. While about 20 team members experienced a flight delay and missed the first orientation and evening service, the entire team had arrived in Brazil by 10 pm on Friday, September 25th.

The first three days consisted of morning training sessions and evening services at Igreja Adonai and Gravidade Zero. Both churches greeted us with much enthusiasm, joy, love and expectancy. The hunger for more of God among the brothers and sisters there was tangible. They were receptive and many of them were powerfully touched by God during impartation times. Worship was electric at Gravidade Zero, especially on Saturday, September 26th, when Carter Wood led the church on a war cry to the sound of drums. During the morning training session at Gravidade Zero on Sunday, September 27th, Blaine Cook shared his personal testimony. Many were greatly inspired and their hunger for a touch of God increased.

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October GSSM 2015 Brazil

There was an air of anticipation as the team arrived Tuesday, October 6 from the United States, Canada China, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.   As groups of team members arrived we were taken by bus to our hotel near the Brasilia airport.  We were treated to a wonderful buffet dinner, then off to a meeting for orientation and impartation.  Almost all of the team were first time travelers with Global Awakening.

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YPI 2015 Brazil

In Youth Power Invasion, people from all ages and countries go to different countries in the western hemisphere to encounter the love of God in a way they have never experienced before.

This year 141 youth from Australia, USA, Norway, Mexico, Germany, Estonia and Brazil came to Fortaleza where their hunger met the Power of God, resulting in an explosive encounter, as they prayed for the sick, hungry and broken and saw miracles and restoration everywhere they went.

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