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Hong Kong, Philippines 2015

Prior to this trip to the Philippines and Hong Kong in February 2015, I had been on two trips with Global Awakening to Brazil where I witnessed tremendous miracles. I was very excited to see what God was going to do in another part of the world. On both trips to Brazil there were two full buses of participants. A couple of weeks before this trip I learned only 10 of us had signed up. I had been praying that God would bring all the people on this trip that He had planned and that He would orchestrate whatever He had in mind to touch the lives that He was wanting to impact. So it seems we were it.

Tom Jones, whom I love and admire, was our trip leader and the only other staff person with us was Pat Bock, who could have had a job as a stand-up comedian if God hadn't had other plans for him. Our team consisted of five ladies from the USA and four ladies and one guy from Australia. The awesome thing was as soon as we met it felt like a family reunion because we all were in the same family and all had the same heart to bring God's Kingdom to earth.

Our ministry time started with a two-day conference in Manila called Kingdom Culture. Our host was a wonderful 30-year missionary couple to the Philippines. The people who attended had hearts hungry to see God's presence released, to experience revival in their nation and to get equipped to bring it. The worship was amazing and the other conference speakers brought the message that God wanted to use us all to touch this world with His love and display His glory and power.

The ministry time included times of impartation for those wanting to be used even more. The Global ministry team prayed for those needing physical, emotional or spiritual healing before and at the end of the services. God definitely showed up and many people were set free from long term pain they had been having. Pastor Conte had a word of knowledge for back pain and about 75% of the people attending came forward. We also saw goiters shrink, deaf ears open, people with cataracts able to see again and many people set free from emotional issues. Praise Jesus!

Another thing we participated in was helping with events called Utmost Love to get a church plant started in the city of Cabanatuan, a four hour drive from Manila. We distributed flyers to invite people to attend a couple of events in parks and in the mall. I was happy to see the events take place in public places so more people might just be walking by and stop to see what's happening. There were skits, songs, testimonies of healing and Tom Jones preached messages about love and how wounded hearts can stand in the way of receiving love. At each event almost everyone who attended came forward to receive the love gift of salvation. Lots of local church staff were there to get everyone's name and follow-up information. It looked like God had plans for a new church in Cabantuan City. At the end of the event the Global team prayed for the new folks who wanted prayer and many received healing and felt the love of God.

In our free time before the event we went to talk to the taxi drivers who waited outside the hotel where we stayed. Several of them also prayed to become followers of Jesus and I hope they will be part of the new church.

The next part of our trip we flew to Hong Kong where we got to participate in a church service at the Vine. The Vine ministers to refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong. There is a very international group of people that attend who are going through some very difficult circumstances unable to be in their own country and some were separated from family. It was a privilege to get to minister with them and to them. We also had an afternoon of offering flowers, prayer and the love of God to strangers on the street that God pointed out to us. It was a great joy to see people get a surprise flower given to them and to be told God loved them. The look on their faces was a memory I won't forget.

We also got to join a Friday night service for young adults at a church called Solomon's Porch. It was a time of deep worship and prayer with young men and women who chose to spend their Friday night after a long work week giving praise to Jesus and being in His presence. It was an honor to worship with them and pray for them.

The trip was not quite done yet. On Sunday the team finished out the trip at The Vine Church in two morning services and one afternoon service. We had a wonderful farewell dinner together and then returned to the hotel to pack our things for the journey home.

Thank you Global Awakening, thank you Jesus and thank you team mates for letting me be a part of this. I can't imagine a better way to spend a life than hanging out with brothers and sisters who love God and want to make His goodness known throughout the earth.