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March Brazil 2015

The Global Awakening trip to Fortaleza, Brazil 2015 was named “Passion.”  As we would soon discover, this trip was rightly named. 

We saw “Passion” for God in the eyes of the local pastors, worship leaders and people to whom we ministered.  We saw and felt their “Passion” for each other as they prayed for each other, held each other and wept.  We encountered an amazing “Passion” for us, the Global Awakening Team, as they gave us bottles of water, snacks at 10:30 pm, prayed for us and received us with open arms.

We sensed an intense “Passion” and hunger from the people for the power and presence of God to touch them – a hunger to release that power with signs, wonders and miracles.  We witnessed an unrelenting “Passion” for God through the worship that was poured out in each of the churches where we ministered.

God revealed HIS “Passion” as He healed over 1000 people.  He opened blind eyes, deaf ears, enabled the lame to walk, released those bound by addictions and brought hundreds into a saving relationship with Him!

Finally, we witnessed the wonderful “Passion” of our amazing leadership team: Steve and Sally Wilson, Blaine Cook, Kim Maas, Pat Bock and Dani Rocha.  They not only were sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, but they also were strong and courageous as they challenged us to step out and take risks to partner with God in establishing His Kingdom on earth!

As I am writing this report, it is Good Friday, 2015.  “Passion” is defined:  Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate; a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm or desire for anything.  But THE “PASSION” of Christ refers to His sufferings on the Cross.  Such compelling love and extravagant fondness and enthusiasm for mankind compelled Him to do this.  We were compelled by this same “Passion” to go to Fortaleza, Brazil in March 2015, and we will never be the same again!