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Germany 2015

Our group of twenty-five people from Malaysia, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Australia, Germany, and the U.S. ministered with Randy Clark, Tom Jones, Blaine Cook and Paul Martini.

Our first stops were Cloppenburg and Molbergen. There Pastor Alexander Popp and his wife Stephanie joined us and ministered with us.  These gentle Germans remained with us throughout the trip blessing us with language expertise, passion for more of God, and an understanding of the needs and history of the German people.

In an evening meeting there, hundreds of under-thirty participants pressed forward eagerly responding to a call to become evangelists taking the love of Jesus to the nations.  Even on Saturday morning and afternoon, Pastor Popp’s church was full of the under-thirty group. 

As we ministered to these people, we saw physical healings, inner healings, and many being set free from afflicting or tormenting spirits, curses, hexes and spells.  Back pains, wrist pains, ankle pains left in the name of Jesus. People experienced forgiveness for others that set them and their children free from illnesses. A woman was healed of both deafness and pain in her breast. A leg grew out. Acid reflux left.

In Dusseldorf, even on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, the church was full to capacity as 800 people attended the meetings.  In the evenings, an overflow area filled as well. Young people predominated the audience. Flag dancing with Star of David symbols enhanced the worship.  People were very aware the need for confession and repentance for the sins of the nation.

People were healed of eye floaters and herniated discs. A woman who was missing some leg bone and could not walk without pain or crutches, was totally restored and even could do stairs without pain. There were even healings in one of the hotels as the proprietors learned about our Jesus. Words of knowledge and visions led to freedom from demonic oppression and manifestations. Many people received healing after confessing and renouncing consultations with spiritualists concerning their pain.

In Dresden, we were overwhelmed with the dedication and passion of people who sacrificed much to attend the conference.  Teachings were broadcast in German, English, Czech, Slovak, Polish, and Russian.  Six people had even come from Egypt.  Several who had been at the meetings in Dusseldorf drove the six hours to continue with us in Dresden.  Again, passionate, hungry young people were everywhere.

Services were held in a school gymnasium. Capacity crowds of 700 in the day and 1000 in the evenings stretched the facility. Here, church members had been encouraged to invite their unsaved neighbors.  Randy Clark began the evening service with four words of knowledge. Four healings followed, and then an altar call. Forty-seven people who witnessed the power and work of God responded immediately and received Jesus as Savior.  Pastor Neuper made plans to follow up with them with the Alpha Program.

People whose healings had begun in Dusseldorf pressed in for more and received more in Dresden.  Tinnitus was healed.  People were set free from evil spirits.  Nearsightedness improved. Pain left. A scar disappeared. Ears opened. Young people remarked that they had never seen people fall under the power of the Holy Spirit.  They had never imagined that God loved them enough to want to be with them in that way. They were overwhelmed and they rejoiced in tears.

We left Germany very encouraged by the level of love and passion for Jesus that we saw in the next generation of Germans.