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May Mozambique 2015

Upon arrival at base camp on our first day the sounds and sights of Africa were overwhelming to your soul. The boys playing soccer in the field, children singing praises before lunch, small children lining up for afternoon classes, the Iris Base Camp is full of blessings. We were able to have a late dinner with the children and take pictures and talk to the young men.

Day two we went to feed the kids from town and worshipped and sang praises with them. Some of our women also helped the kitchen workers wash the plastic bowls for serving. A huge vat of rice and beans was cooked and served. This happens five days a week and 300 plus children are fed with some of the children taking leftovers home.

Day three we left for the bush-bush retreat and were met in the village by many children. We prayed for a lethargic baby boy and Jesus healed him within 30 minutes. We set up camp and left for the Jesus Film showing. Around 800 villagers watched the film and afterward the team prayed for the sick and injured. One woman with cataracts received her sight and one had her leg straightened out.

Day four we packed up camp, played with the children, painted nails, and made masks, and fed the children. Before we left we blessed the church and the pastor and his wife with gifts and prayer.

Sunday was our day of rest and we worshipped with the church and heard Will Hart preach.

Day six was Children’s Day and we were invited to work crowd control. 6,000 children came for praise, lunch, and a gift. We were so blessed to see the children worship and get to share their meal with them.

Day seven Amy Lancaster ministered to Harvest School this morning from Psalm 119. In the afternoon some of the team went to the hospital to minister. The women went to paint nails and make bracelets with the teenage girls and mamas at the base.

Day eight Will Hart ministered to us before leaving. Alex taught the Mozambique ministers and we prayed and prophesied over them. Then they prayed for us. We enjoyed Heidi in the afternoon ministering at Harvest School admonishing us to love no matter the cost. Some of our team went to the older girls on base to paint nails and minister, and some went to the jail.

Day nine we packed and left for the bush-bush. Upon arrival we pitched our tents by the church in the village and ministered with the kids. We brought balloons, lemonade, nail polish, and face paints. Before dark we lined them up in the church, taught them praise songs and chants and led them through a fire tunnel for blessings, prayers and candy. Then we left for the Jesus Film where 800 to 1,000 villagers came to watch the story of Jesus. Afterward Heidi offered an invitation and prayed over hundreds for salvation, healing, and deliverance. We were blessed to be asked to form a fire tunnel and pray over each child and adult who received salvation and healing.

Day ten we woke early and had coffee with Heidi in the village as the village chief, his wife, the pastor and his wife were honored along with Sharon from our team for her birthday. As the morning went on and each team member met the chief, a witch doctor with three puff adder snakes showed up in camp. He said a spirit led him there. Heidi ministered to him. He destroyed his snakes and gave his live to Christ. His girlfriend, who had leprosy, and their son also gave their lives to Christ. We took them to the river where Heidi married them on the bank, removing one of her rings and putting it on the finger of the bride. They were baptized together with their son, along with several other people from the village, Harvest School and our team. Then we rushed to our bus and drove back to base. What a blessing to be a part of this ministry.

Day 11 we had time for prayer and worship at the Prayer Hut before packing and leaving for the airport.

We will remember Africa but wondered if Africa would remember us. Africa will remember us through the prayers and prophecies spoken over the pastors who minister to the people and the blessings spoken over the children. Thank You, Jesus.