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England, Norway 2015

This trip was named ‘Illumination’, and rightly so because the light of revelation was turned up in each of the three cities we visited. With each city (Nottingham and Watford in England and Stravanger in Norway), it was as if there was a divine dimmer switch that was on when we arrived.  As it was turned up over the course of the days in each place, it just shone brighter and brighter. What was revealed in this light was Kingdom power in the authority of the name of Jesus over sickness and the demonic.

The team of 28 people from around the world was led by Randy Clark (along with his son, Jeremiah) and Pat Bock with Blaine Cook joining us in Watford.

The first conference was in Nottingham at the Trent Vineyard. Trent Vineyard’s Facebook page prior to the event read, “Come if you can. It won't be 'safe', but we trust God will be moving!” This proved to be true for the city and the team, as well as the church.  Randy prayed for the team there. One team member succinctly described the event well: “We got zapped!”

There were many miracles in the Nottingham services which were led by Randy as well as the session taught by Alan Scott of Causeway. One cool miracle we saw was an 18-year-old whose eye had been crushed in an accident 12 years ago. During a teaching, he was prayed for and was able to see things through the eye that had been completely blind. Miracles were not only confined to the conference; team members saw several miracles on the street, in the hotel, and even among the taxi drivers.

From there we travelled down near London to the vibrant Soul Survivor Watford Church which is pastored by Mike Pilavachi. This congregation was full of young people passionate for the Lord. The heat was turned up in worship, paving the way for the Spirit to move in power. It was apparent that the Lord was doing more than just miracles in all of these places where we were ministering. He was also imparting a faith and power that would be the foundation to see miracles continue to be released. The impartation service in Watford felt like a wave of power had swept over these people.

Finally, we travelled to Stravanger, Norway. One man’s testimony provides an insight into the progression of those meetings. He heard words of knowledge on the first night about his ankle, but he was unsure about everything so he didn’t stand up. In the meetings that followed, each meeting there were further words of knowledge about the condition he had (a crushed ankle with steel plate, screws and pins), but he continued to resist. Finally, after the team delivered words of knowledge again and his condition was described three or four times, he stood only to find that his pain, which had been constant for four years, was completely gone.

It was amazing to connect with Norwegians who have been praying for breakthrough in power for a very long time, as well as for those who were skeptical and reticent but whose hearts had been softened through the word of truth accompanied by power. We saw those involved in new age saved, ears healed, as well as ankles, knees & shoulders. We saw a woman bouncing up and down on knees that they didn’t think would ever work again. We prayed and rejoiced with the team there in wonderful prayer meetings where the Spirit just moved in joy and laughter between sessions.

The most rewarding part of the trip was the amazing difference in the spiritual dynamic and temperature of each place before and after. It was as if we left each place in a different state than how we’d found it. God breathed more of His power out on His children and illuminated eyes to see more of the unseen. I can also testify to that transaction in my life over the duration of the trip, and I believe the same was true for my other team members. Now, several weeks later, I feel that the impartation I received is still growing in power and revelation, and from speaking with fellow team members, I know I am not alone in this. God truly did use this trip to illuminate His wonder working power to His children as it says in Isaiah 42:16 (b) “I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth.” What a merciful, powerful, loving God we serve.