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YPI 2015 Brazil

In Youth Power Invasion, people from all ages and countries go to different countries in the western hemisphere to encounter the love of God in a way they have never experienced before.

This year 141 youth from Australia, USA, Norway, Mexico, Germany, Estonia and Brazil came to Fortaleza where their hunger met the Power of God, resulting in an explosive encounter, as they prayed for the sick, hungry and broken and saw miracles and restoration everywhere they went.

During Phase 1, we went to the main churches in town and received training and impartation from Global Team with Randy Clark, Tom Jones and Blaine Cook, and ministered to the people who attended the meetings. In addition to the youth, we had over 600 Brazilians signed up for the training in healing and impartation that changed our lives forever.

Some of the youngest kids on the trip prayed for healing and saw deaf ears opened, metal disappearing, and the lame walking for the very first time! The excitement in their eyes as they realized that the Power of God was alive inside of them is priceless!

One gentleman in particular had an accident and broke his hip. The surgery left him unable to walk normally and he needed to use a cane for support. He had that disability for 18 years before we prayed for him. After we prayed, he felt that all the pain he had been feeling for so long leave his body. He didn't need the cane to support him as he walked anymore. He left church that night with the cane on his shoulders to show everyone that he no longer needed it.

This was just the beginning of what God wanted to do here in Brazil and the more we experienced His presence, the more our faith and expectation for miracle grew! We still have phase 2 ahead of us and we know God will do even greater things!

Can one day change your life? After all I've seen during YPI, my answer to that question could only be one: yes! The day that changed my life was the day I decided to say yes to God as I felt He was calling me come on this trip.

During Phase 1, the Presence of God touched all of us and we were equipped and empowered with His Love and with ministry teachings from Global Awakening.

In Phase 2, the main speakers flew back to the States and it was our turn to minister and apply what we had learned and received from God. We were divided in smaller teams and sent to different churches in Fortaleza. We did street evangelism, taught the members of the churches about words of knowledge and preached on faith for healing and impartation.

I believe my team was extremely blessed because we were received by the churches with so much love. Their faith was added to ours and we saw deaf ears opened, blind eyes restored, scoliosis healed, tumors disappear. We even had a 104-year-old lady giving her life to Christ. As we prayed for her she felt the fire of Holy Spirit in her heart!

One church we visited during the first part of Phase 2 honored us by washing and anointing our feet before we left to minister in another neighborhood. It was a powerful commissioning that we will never forget.

In our last two days in Fortaleza, we were sent to a church of about 300 members where the Presence of God came in a powerful way that I had never seen before. On our last day, we had a moment of worship and ministry and we invited Holy Spirit to come and touch us in a special way. Little by little, people were touched and we noticed that gold dust started to appear on their hands, arms and faces. I've learned that often times when the Presence of God comes powerfully in a meeting physical signs appear such as gold dust, gem stones or feathers as a sign of His Presence was touching us.

After a while, the whole church was covered in gold dust, even the pulpit, the speakers and the ground were covered with it. The Glory of God was so strong that we couldn't even preach that night. Every person was getting touched and after a moment of worship we invited them to come closer to the altar for a time of impartation.

We had a hard time counting those who received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues. People were crying and dancing and some couldn't even stand because of the Glory of God. Revival came to that church and I know that neither they nor we will ever be the same.

There is so much more I wish I could tell but I fear my words may not do justice to everything that happened. YPI is not just a mission trip. It is a commissioning, a fire starter. It is the Power of God impacting the world!

Now, as I look through the airplane window on my way back home contemplating a sea of white clouds and thinking about what was God going to do next for all of us, only one phrase comes to my mind: come Holy Spirit, more Holy Spirit.