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September 2015 Brazil

Overall, this trip was very successful and encouraging. While about 20 team members experienced a flight delay and missed the first orientation and evening service, the entire team had arrived in Brazil by 10 pm on Friday, September 25th.

The first three days consisted of morning training sessions and evening services at Igreja Adonai and Gravidade Zero. Both churches greeted us with much enthusiasm, joy, love and expectancy. The hunger for more of God among the brothers and sisters there was tangible. They were receptive and many of them were powerfully touched by God during impartation times. Worship was electric at Gravidade Zero, especially on Saturday, September 26th, when Carter Wood led the church on a war cry to the sound of drums. During the morning training session at Gravidade Zero on Sunday, September 27th, Blaine Cook shared his personal testimony. Many were greatly inspired and their hunger for a touch of God increased.

On Saturday evening, Steve and Sally Wilson, along with four team members, ministered at Igreja Agape. The healing service was attended by about 300 people who came expectant for a miracle. Worship was very powerful, with dancers performing beautiful routines with flags. A highlight from this service was the healing of a young man named Max who was crippled from birth and had no feeling below his waist. At Sally Wilson’s encouragement to stand up, he felt electricity go through his body and began to feel his legs for the first time. He then stood to his feet and took a few steps. Max also gave his life to Jesus that night.

That same evening, at Igreja Adonai, worship took place in a unique form, with many young men doing body surfing at the front of the stage. Even Blaine Cook and his translator Ed Rocha joined in the fun. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit was matched by a torrent of rain and thunder that night, and to everyone’s amazement, a swirling of gold dust fell over the platform at Igreja Adonai. The day concluded with a red moon lunar eclipse followed by a powerful thunder and lightning storm. During our time there, a total of 3,350 people attended services, 523 people received physical healings, 384 received sovereign healings and 165 gave their life to Jesus.

On Monday the team enjoyed some down time with some shopping on tourism day. The day ended with ministry time that was very powerful. Kim Maas gave a compelling message and Holy Spirit fell on many of the team members, especially the women who received an impartation of the Deborah anointing from Kim.

On September 29th, the team traveled to the city of Sao Jose dos Campos where we ministered at Igreja Batista through September 30th. The first evening service was attended by about 4,500 people, with many of them standing on the aisles and a few hundred of them sitting in the overflow room. Many church members attended the morning training session. They were hungry and receptive and a great number of them were powerfully touched by Holy Spirit. The church expressed much appreciation to the team. Overall, about 7,500 people attended services during our time there, with 1,001 of them receiving physical healings and 1,254 receiving sovereign healings. About 67 of them gave their life to Jesus.

On October 1st the team traveled to the city of Barueri. That evening, the team enjoyed an array of sweet and savory pizzas, followed by ministry time with Randy Clark. The following day, we began ministering at Igreja da Paz through October 4th where the church’s hunger seemed to increase throughout our time of ministry there. Blaine Cook gave a powerful message the morning of October 3rd, where he empowered business owners and broke the spirit of poverty over the church. Many were also touched by Holy Spirit. About 3,600 people were in attendance during our time of ministry there, with 324 of them receiving physical healings, 253 receiving sovereign healings and 42 giving their life to Jesus.

Our trip concluded with a team meeting where many received books that were generously donated and a final impartation from Randy Clark. All were encouraged as they traveled to their respective cities.