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November 2015 Mozambique

The Jesus film comes to an end. A woman appears on a flatbed truck with a screen attached to it. She is a blond woman who speaks English and Portuguese. I have seen her in the United States but in a much different setting. We are not in the West anymore. We are a one hour drive from Pemba, Mozambique in the African bush.  Heidi Baker's voice is loud and piercing when one stands in front of the JBL speakers being run off a generator. Bright lights expose the crowd in front of Heidi and light up the back of her head. This isn't a conference. This is bush outreach.

      Two different people from the Global team had the same word of knowledge of "miscarriage" and shared it on stage with Heidi on bush outreach. Three different people (two Global and one African pastor) had the same word of knowledge about the people having nightmares in the village. The local pastor confirmed this word and told us that everyone in the village was having them. People came forward. We got up close and personal. We commanded the nightmares and any demonic activity associated with them to leave. Bush outreach was the beginning of our adventure as well as the foundation for the rest of our time there.

       God touched each person on our team in a special way. For some it was while holding babies, the hospital visit or jail and prison visits. Others had a special touch during break out times with the Harvest school students or while on "bush bush." Our team came to Pemba to be a blessing but we were the ones who got blessed the most. 

     We came full circle and spent our last day on bush outreach at the same village where we started our trip. Global Awakening sponsored a church building and a well in this village. We hauled block and dirt during the church construction. We also hauled water, clean, drinkable water from a well that is in constant use from sun up to sun down in this village. Love looks like something. In this case it was a well that was literally transforming the economy of an entire community and a church that would be a lighthouse to the region.

     Will Hart said we would be broken on this trip. I think most if not all of us were broken. I know I was.