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December 2015 Brazil

Ten days since we touched down again in Wellington, New Zealand after the trip of a lifetime.

"..the Lord uses US by releasing His power through us." The Essential Guide to Healing pg74

I have been where God was moving in power, with healing signs and creative miracles happening in front of my eyes and at my fingertips! A feast of His glory where before I had experienced only appetizers. (And there was plenty of food feasting as well - my muesli bar store, as recommended in the pre-trip materials, barely touched during the trip!!) I didn't sleep and I didn't care! Normally I can't function at all without sufficient sleep.

Every day and night people were healed, filled with the Holy Spirit, overcome by His power at work in their lives. Tears, laughter, a peace bubble and stillness, uncontrollable movement - all evidence of God's individual apportioning to the people He loves.

There were physical healings instantaneously at a word of knowledge and physical healings experienced overnight or the next morning as a result of patient prayer. Emotional healings came as a result of forgiveness being extended - entire families becoming whole with a river of life flowing out of one family member.

On the first night a pastor who hadn't been able to do her job because of a car accident and who was in constant pain for one year was instantly healed and ready to go for God again.

We went to a conference as a big group, and as three smaller groups to a variety of churches.

The churches were as different physically as they were spiritually, yet God did the most amazing things at each of them. The best appointed church facility was the church where the people appeared the most closed. There seemed to be a barrier to people responding for prayer, yet when I was privileged to attend the same church the next morning many people were coming forward expectantly for healing. Why? Because God had healed in that place the night before! We even saw the church receive the gift of a flag from the team that morning. There was a new freedom.

The 'jungle' church was more relaxed and open, the people expectant for healing. They were ready! Many were healed in response to a word of knowledge.

The unfinished church in a poorer neighbourhood was open both literally to the elements and within the people. The intercessors were asked to pray for rain which the country needed. We experienced a healing thunder storm there both physically and spiritually!

I definitely have more of God than I've ever had before.