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Israel 2015

What an honor it was to be a part of the first ever Global Awakening Trip to Israel! Initially we thought we would be ministering but were told at some point that scheduling such times did not pan out. We were given the option to get our deposit back at that time. For most of us, we knew that we were not going on our own accord but rather it was the Lord who had given us the call to go.

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England, Norway 2015

This trip was named ‘Illumination’, and rightly so because the light of revelation was turned up in each of the three cities we visited. With each city (Nottingham and Watford in England and Stravanger in Norway), it was as if there was a divine dimmer switch that was on when we arrived.  As it was turned up over the course of the days in each place, it just shone brighter and brighter. What was revealed in this light was Kingdom power in the authority of the name of Jesus over sickness and the demonic.

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Germany 2015

Our group of twenty-five people from Malaysia, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Australia, Germany, and the U.S. ministered with Randy Clark, Tom Jones, Blaine Cook and Paul Martini.

Our first stops were Cloppenburg and Molbergen. There Pastor Alexander Popp and his wife Stephanie joined us and ministered with us.  These gentle Germans remained with us throughout the trip blessing us with language expertise, passion for more of God, and an understanding of the needs and history of the German people.

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May Mozambique 2015

Upon arrival at base camp on our first day the sounds and sights of Africa were overwhelming to your soul. The boys playing soccer in the field, children singing praises before lunch, small children lining up for afternoon classes, the Iris Base Camp is full of blessings. We were able to have a late dinner with the children and take pictures and talk to the young men.

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March Brazil 2015

The Global Awakening trip to Fortaleza, Brazil 2015 was named “Passion.”  As we would soon discover, this trip was rightly named. 

We saw “Passion” for God in the eyes of the local pastors, worship leaders and people to whom we ministered.  We saw and felt their “Passion” for each other as they prayed for each other, held each other and wept.  We encountered an amazing “Passion” for us, the Global Awakening Team, as they gave us bottles of water, snacks at 10:30 pm, prayed for us and received us with open arms.

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