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December 2016 Brazil

We started the trip in Curitiba, Brazil. After arriving at the hotel, we met for a briefing meeting followed by an impartation service.

The following day the first service was held at Igreja Cristiana Presbyteriana, Curitiba for pastors and spouses. Randy Clark shared about being filled by the Holy Spirit more than one time. He also shared stories of those who had been touched in prior years, and they continue to produce fruit for a long time thereafter. Randy and the team then prayed for the attendees and many were powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit. The hunger of the leaders attending was palpable.

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October GSSM 2016 Brazil

 A group of 50 strangers from the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and various states from around the United States converged on Tuesday October 4, 2016 at Rio de Janeiro airport. Fifteen of these were first year students of Global School who were there to experience the miraculous power of God working through them.   It was quickly discovered that we all had one thing in common - a hunger to see the Kingdom of God extended on earth and to be an active part of this. From pastors, church leaders to lay people active in many other ways in their communities, this common desire of like minded individuals drew us together as a team very quickly.  All week long it was inspiring to hear the stories of what God was already doing through each person and yet there was a common longing for more.

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Israel 2016

9/1/16 Day 1 “The Day of our Awakening.”

Most of us met at JFK in New York City and made the 9.5 hour flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. One lady flew in from New Zealand, another from Great Britain, and a couple came from Australia. Pat Bock and Charity Cook were our group leaders, and Dr. Tom Jones was our inspirational pastor.

Over the next ten days, Pat would become an expert on counting heads up to 25, and herding us through crowds, tunnels, and desert rock. Charity would develop expert wrist action with a proficient flutter by using a paper “Jerusalem” fan as she tried to keep any one near her cool.

The flight was made culturally colorful because of the many orthodox Jewish families flying with us: men in their traditional black hats, side curls, and tassels, chanting their prayers in groups, while young mothers, dressed in long skirts and head coverings managed young children throughout the long night flight.

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September 2016 Brazil

Trip Report – September Brazil 2016 – Lighting Fires

Why did 65 people from seven different countries (not including Global Staff, speakers and Pier49) come together as a team on September 23, 2016 in Saõ Paulo, Brazil? Because God called each one. He called in different ways, for different reasons and we each answered, “Yes”. He called several to return when prior trips were ending. He put the dream of a trip to Brazil in others. Still others felt called to THIS trip, at THIS time, and some were asked by friends to join them or were encouraged by family to go. As we gathered, I watched, and by day two of ministry, God whispered to my heart, “The Hungry Ones Have Come”. Randy Clark said, “If you don’t think there’s more, you’re satisfied.” None of us were satisfied. We all believed there was more of God to be experienced. So our anthem became “Mais Senhor” which means “More Lord” in Portuguese.

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Germany 2016

The team gathered at the Dusseldorf Airport the afternoon of the 28th of April after flying from Bristol and Baltimore. We took a bus together to Cloppenburg to our hotel. After leaving our stuff at the hotel, we followed Pat Bock down the cobblestone streets of Cloppenburg to a pizza restaurant. It was here we had the blessing of sharing words of testimony and dinner with the pastor and his wife who shepherd Oasis Church. We were there for almost two hours hearing about the presence of the Holy Spirit pouring out from the covering God has put over this church. Alex and Stephanie Popp warmly greeted and met each of us on the team. They shared that the conference with Alex, Tom Jones, Paul Martini, and Charity Cook would be sessions during the morning and afternoon with altar calls for prayer and healing. The evening service would include a full segment of healing prayer during the evening worship service. They let us know when they would like us to minister in healing gifts in Jesus’s name. They shared that many would come in the evening.

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