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Thailand, Singapore 2016

Right from the very start the team of 53 people from all over the world were hungry to see God move. Most people arrived early Wednesday, January 6th and met in the foyer to start connecting. From then on the team was ready. Thursday we began our rugged adventure in the TukTuk which took us to the massive stadium which seated over 5,000. We were so blessed to be greeted by wonderful hosts and then taken through some training. We joined a healing team from Thailand, making us a big group ready to see people free. The Thai culture has interesting little things we needed to know, like don’t put down their King or never touch their feet or heads. We were told to be expectant for deliverance, so our expectation was high. After this we went into the auditorium for a powerful time of worship and prayer with the worship team and pastors organising the event. Wow, you could feel the shift in the Heavenlies. Thailand was about to be set on fire!! Simply the prophetic dancing alone was taking ground.

Our days in Thailand were full. This was the first ever Revive Asia and the pastors wanted the people filled and on fire. So impartation became a big focus. The preachers amplified our authority in Jesus and questioned just how hungry we were. Each night in our time for healing we saw demons flee, emotional healings and many physical healings. This was a wonderful time of imparting to the Thai team as well, as the Global team was allocated to a team to train. By the end of the week the teams were sparked and ready to pray. Many teams were exchanging names and gifts and were so thankful.

Although the team had a blast in Thailand, there was more. We flew off to Singapore. Giving ourselves a fun day of exploring the Night Zoo, resting before the next conference, connecting with new friends.

Simply beautiful from the very first night of Kingdom Invasion, you could feel the deep cries from the secret place for more healing, from the Singaporean church. Over the days the hunger became more real, like a wave the glory grew thicker. Our team stepped into a place for great healing to come. Many in this culture were so desperate to have curses broken and cancers healed. We even saw a stroke victim healed over 80%. Lou Engle preached with prophetic electricity for prayer. We stood with Asia and released prayer to their country. This was a powerful moment. Randy brought revelatory teaching with impartation; there were hundreds of sovereign healings just from his teaching on words of knowledge. Heidi ushered in a beautiful presence and Bill Johnson brought nugget after nugget. Then Mahesh brought sweet glory. The team spent over two hours standing in a fire tunnel, whilst Mahesh prayed for over 3,000 delegates. It seemed only natural that the Global team went through last and fell to the floor in His glory.

We were blessed to have a visit from Randy and Bill, and a chat with Mahesh. We were blessed to have a bowl of chocolates continually in our room. We were blessed with so many hungry people asking us for prayer. Our times of impartation to us were special, whilst giving it to others was even more special. A young boy with a disability in a wheelchair kept hanging around the team. The moment he was prayed for the joy of the Lord hit him. It was wonderful to see him so free. One Indian man asked why we were stuck on the floor. When we explained it’s the glory, he was curious. The next night he returned telling me it happened to him. His face was beaming.

This trip was awesome. Just when we thought one conference was over, another flowed from there. Two countries, each with such different spiritual atmospheres, yet both with hunger that beats many other countries. Sure the hotels we stayed in were high standard, but nothing can beat the tears, the hugs and the presence of God that was on this trip. The team had a blast. Many friendships were made and many looking for the next Global Awakening mission trip to do! No one went home the same! Thanks, Randy, for depositing so much into the team!!