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March Brazil 2016

Trip Report March Brazil 2016

The Global Awakening trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil 2016 was named “Passion”. There was a lot of passion, and all the services were filled with passion and love. The Holy Spirit touched many people supernaturally, and many times it looked like a war zone, as there were bodies all over the floor.

From the very first meeting we had, it became obvious that the team had been specifically hand picked by our Father. We worshipped together, we prayed for each other, and we shared amazing testimonies of what God did during the week. The bus rides were filled with so much passion. We all got used to shouting, “Praise Jesus,” when we took the stats every evening. There was so much joy within the team.

For our first meeting with the local pastors we travelled more than three hours. We expected to minister to some 60 pastors only to find out that there were probably more than 400 pastors packed in a small auditorium. There were no seats for the team so we stood along the walls. When we started ministering, the team members were walking on chairs to reach out to everyone. At the end of the meeting we had a fire tunnel. All participants went through at least once. Many pastors did not make it all through the tunnel because the Holy Spirit touched them powerfully.

The first few days of the trip we ministered in the Four Square church. We saw many saved and healed during the services. My personal favorite moment was on our first night when a young woman came for prayer. She had had scoliosis for more than ten years. She had strong pains in her back, she had terrible headaches, and she had a blurry vision in both eyes and both of her legs hurt. It’s hard to imagine the life that she had been living with all those pains. There was so much expectancy in that church that night, and many people had been healed from several symptoms. From the first moment I laid my hand on her shoulder I felt that God was going to heal her. It did not require a long prayer. I just commanded all the pains to go and released healing in her body. The Holy Spirit came and she fell on the ground. Before we started praying, she was not able to bend down and in the natural she would not have been able to fall down like that. She was completely healed. All the pain left. For a very long time I had not seen a person that happy!

The last few days of the trip the team was divided into two groups. One group went to minister with Blaine Cook while the other group ministered with Steve and Sally Wilson. Both groups got to minister with all our trip leaders. This was especially true in the Adonai Church, where the majority was young people; the worship was wild and powerful. Some members of our team, as well as our trip leader, Blaine Cook, got to try how it feels to be a rock star. Young men in this church carried Blaine and others on their hands across the floor. All they needed to do was lie down and have the amazing experience of bodysurfing while the crowd underneath was worshiping, dancing and praising Jesus!

One morning we had time to go shopping. The majority of the team unloaded from the buses to the busy streets of Sao Paulo. Many people made very good bargains. One part of the group stopped for lunch at a small restaurant. They went upstairs to a room where they served a buffet lunch. That’s when a mini-revival broke loose. The team started to pray for all the waiters and the waitresses, and many people got healed. It was amazing to witness especially for one member of our team praying for a person for the very first time outside the church. The moment when he realized that the person actually got healed was precious. At that small restaurant we got to pray for police officers and other guests too. It was really awesome to see how amazing our God is. He heals everywhere. Even with no expectancy at a restaurant, He sovereignly healed many people, and the Holy Spirit powerfully touched even more people.

The ministry team was very special. Real and lasting friendships were formed and God used each one powerfully. At least on the trips I have been, there probably has not been a group that united before. People prayed together, worshipped in the bus together and each person helped one another in a way I have not seen before. We were drinking and leaking all the time. Not only people in the churches got healed and blasted. So many people in the team got healed and even more got blasted. One member of our team was blasted more or less all through the trip!

During the five days of meetings, we ministered to approximately 5900 people. When the team prayed for individuals, they saw 839 healed physically, 800 healed emotionally and 42 salvations or rededications. The healings we witnessed included 34 blind eyes opened, 31 deaf ears opened, 5 lame walked and 24 tumors disappeared. Finally, during the times of impartation at least 1554 people had powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit.

Our trip concluded with a team meeting and a final impartation. It was a very powerful moment as the team members got to give the impartation to each other. We got to speak prophetic words to each other and encourage each other to step into our new destinies as world-changers and revivalists. Our lives are forever changed, and we’ll not be the same. We’re all praying that especially the next generation in Brazil will find their identity and without any fears go out to the streets to love on people who need Jesus. That is where the revival and revolution will begin...