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Germany 2016

The team gathered at the Dusseldorf Airport the afternoon of the 28th of April after flying from Bristol and Baltimore. We took a bus together to Cloppenburg to our hotel. After leaving our stuff at the hotel, we followed Pat Bock down the cobblestone streets of Cloppenburg to a pizza restaurant. It was here we had the blessing of sharing words of testimony and dinner with the pastor and his wife who shepherd Oasis Church. We were there for almost two hours hearing about the presence of the Holy Spirit pouring out from the covering God has put over this church. Alex and Stephanie Popp warmly greeted and met each of us on the team. They shared that the conference with Alex, Tom Jones, Paul Martini, and Charity Cook would be sessions during the morning and afternoon with altar calls for prayer and healing. The evening service would include a full segment of healing prayer during the evening worship service. They let us know when they would like us to minister in healing gifts in Jesus’s name. They shared that many would come in the evening.

On Friday, April 29, at 9 AM the service began at Oasis Church. Tom taught until 10:30 AM. Paul taught from 11 to 12:30 giving his testimony of growing up in a town with a lot of Germans and the essence of God’s power being His peace flowing through Him to us. He emphasized that God’s peace is not the absence of conflict; it transcends the conflict (Philippians 4: 7; Romans 8: 20; Mark 4: 35-40; and John 14: 26, 27). Charity spoke at 2:45 PM on Philippians 2: 5 of the need for obedience that Jesus did not consider equality with God something to be grasped. Paul spoke again and gave a call forward to anyone who wanted more of the Holy Spirit’s fire pouring from their belly. Many stepped forward for this call, including those who had gathered to minister that evening. That evening we had international testimonies on video presented by Tom Jones and an invitation for prayer for any similar needs. The Global team who had received Words of Knowledge also spoke these and many were healed.

On Saturday, April 30, Paul Martini also spoke on obedience. Paul had this prophetic word that the water of the Holy Spirit was like a rushing river that was moving water and full, and the Lord's calling each of us to just step into this mighty rushing river and not be afraid to experience it just because it's a mighty rushing river.

Later that day Tom Jones spoke on divine encounters and described Azusa Street’s Shekinah glory. There was a word of interpretation to an outpouring by our interpreter, Frieda, “Children, I have come here to show you my glory. I want you to come to me. I’m calling you and I want you to come.” This interpreter also had the vision of doves during worship—doves coming down and landing on the shoulders of each person. Later during our evening worship sessions, the congregation sang over and over in German “Herrlichkeit” which means “glorious” in German.)

During the afternoon worship there was also a vision given by the interpreter of a tap and living water coming out and filling the room.

During the 2:00 PM service, Charity Cook spoke and gave her personal testimony. She also described that the faith of Christians needs to be in our loving Savior who we may not see physically. Yet we must know He is behind us despite the fact that we can physically see the devil “playing poker” in front of our eyes. Jesus has a “hand” for us that is much better than we can fathom and which is the “winning hand” over the devil’s. Tom Jones taught at 3:45 PM about being awakened to destiny. His main point was that the biggest tragedy of our lives isn’t the sins we commit in the life we’ve lived. It’s the life we failed to live. Tom, whenever he looks at people, tries to see a destiny over their life.

Many people had travelled from southern, northern, and eastern Germany to hear the messages on Saturday. That evening we had worship and healing prayers for ears, eyes, scoliosis, leg and back pains and many others. There was also prayer for more of the Holy Spirit.

On Sunday, May 1, the ministry team went to three different churches. Charity Cook went to Emmanuel with Denise, Yedi, Kirk and Jim Smith. Tom Jones went to Christian Center with Pat, Vivian, Chandra, and Allison. Paul Martini went to Oasis with Jim and Evelyn Adams, Joseph and Shaju. We all had a blessed fellowship with other area congregations who called many dear brothers and sisters in Christ to be ministered to with healing prayer during the services.

We then returned to Oasis church for lunch and the hotel to rest for the afternoon. Germans celebrate “May Day” outdoors, and we could hear the street celebrations from our hotel.

That evening the team received an impartation for their home towns, and the evening service included impartation to the healing ministers and other church members who were there. Tom taught on how to begin ministering to the sick and most importantly that all believers are called to this faith. We can lay our hands on the sick and they will recover if they pray in faith in Jesus. Healing prayer also took place during the evening service with many receiving deliverance from physical pains and illness. The Holy Spirit was still pouring out even as we left for the bus.

We returned to the hotel late Sunday evening to get up for the morning departure. Hallelujah! God’s herrlichkeit presence was surely on this ministry outpouring. May Oasis continue to pour out this living water for the believers in Germany.