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September 2016 Brazil

Trip Report – September Brazil 2016 – Lighting Fires

Why did 65 people from seven different countries (not including Global Staff, speakers and Pier49) come together as a team on September 23, 2016 in Saõ Paulo, Brazil? Because God called each one. He called in different ways, for different reasons and we each answered, “Yes”. He called several to return when prior trips were ending. He put the dream of a trip to Brazil in others. Still others felt called to THIS trip, at THIS time, and some were asked by friends to join them or were encouraged by family to go. As we gathered, I watched, and by day two of ministry, God whispered to my heart, “The Hungry Ones Have Come”. Randy Clark said, “If you don’t think there’s more, you’re satisfied.” None of us were satisfied. We all believed there was more of God to be experienced. So our anthem became “Mais Senhor” which means “More Lord” in Portuguese.

I realized that this was not your typical mission trip when we hit the ground running. We had orientation and impartation for the team the afternoon we arrived. Then we were off to do ministry that same night and didn’t arrive back at the hotel until after midnight. This same pace continued throughout the entire trip with the exception of one day off for shopping and a wonderful dinner at a churrascaria [Brazilian steakhouse or barbecue] where the meat just continued to flow to the tables.
Our second time of ministry was Saturday morning. I noticed a marked difference both in the atmosphere and in the team members themselves. Wow – what a morning session! God just poured out his love on the people. The countenance of the team when they returned to the bus was amazing. So many beautiful smiles, laughing and satisfaction. Blasted encounters and healings were increasing.

By day three you could see the team becoming more cohesive, praying for one another, and getting to really know each other below the surface level of “Hi. Where are you from and what brought you here?” Lives were being shared and lived together. It reminded me of the real church. We had unity without trying to contrive it. Despite the fact that we all came from different churches, we operated as one body. Imagine that! We continually built each other up. While ministering together our own gifts in the Spirt grew stronger and we shared what we had with one another.

We left Saõ Paulo on Tuesday morning and picked up Randy Clark, several additional speakers and the Band (Pier49 from Rio) at the airport and drove to Saõ Jose Dos Campos for our next three days of ministry, healing and impartation services at Igreja da Cidade (City Church). The level of expectation was incredible as Randy shared testimonies of what he had seen God do in the past, and testimonial videos were played. We saw a steady increase in the number of healings, especially sovereign healings before the team even began praying for people. Even some of our own team members received physical healing through words of knowledge being spoken.

We had another team meeting and impartation from Randy and all of the speakers. Randy shared about his own encounters with God and also others stories saying that 69% of the people who had incredible encounters with God went into ministry. Of course this made all of us hungry for a God encounter, but the fact that Randy only had three such encounters in all of his years of ministry helped balance our desire with the possibility that one may not occur on this trip. Not all of us were accustomed to how Holy Spirit chose to manifest Himself though, so this trip was definitely a stretch in our spiritual walk.

It was interesting how God switched things up on us constantly. What worked one night might have not worked the same the next time we were faced with the same situation when it came to healing, deliverance or impartation. We always had to be sensitive to what Holy Spirit was doing and who was being touched by Him. During impartation services Randy instructed us to go to the ones Holy Spirit was moving. He had those people come to the front if they could. You could actually see the movement of Holy Spirit within the room as one area after another began to weep, shake, cry out or manifest in some way and in other sections nothing was happening. It’s difficult to be in that atmosphere for over a week and then return home to something less.

The worship music was another powerful influence in our lives. Many of us woke up with Portuguese worship music running through our heads. It’s a strange experience, especially when you don’t even know what most of the words mean, but you find yourself singing them over and over again. I’m so glad that Pier49 released their CD during this trip so we could take the music home with us. I can still feel the powerful atmosphere that they helped create when I play their songs.

We didn’t just go to Brazil to serve. We taught the people how to pray for healing so they could walk out this gift long after we were gone. It was fun to have a young child pray for a parent’s pain to go in the Name of Jesus and watch it leave or to see a translator cast out a demon and build their confidence that they really could do this themselves.

The last three days of ministry were in Ribeirao Preto where Blaine Cook joined our group on Saturday. We had one final impartation for the team. As the trip neared its end I began asking around to see if the expectations or hopes of the members matched up to their experience. For some, their expectations weren’t met, because God didn’t show up in the way they wanted or expected Him to. I could see the disappointment in one man’s eyes because he didn’t see the miracles that he had seen in a prior trip and didn’t feel like God used him as greatly this time. But sometimes we don’t always see the results of our prayers or the effect we have on others. The expectations of others were met and some were exceeded. One team member had a 100% healing rate for issues that were measurable and also saw cartilage restored. But he wanted to see an angel and didn’t. Randy Clark said, “For a God who doesn’t make two thumbprints or snowflakes alike, what makes you think he wants everyone to have the same experience?”

One thing all of us saw on this trip was a lot of tears. I started noticing so many team members embracing weeping people. I was told that the men in our group saw a lot of father issues. There were many men who never knew a father’s love so Holy Spirit moved upon them with tears of release. Then we gave a father’s or mother’s embrace as they wept. The site of puddles of tears on the floor will stay with me forever.

For those of you who love “Just the Facts”: We traveled to three different cities; Ministered in six different churches. The statistics follow:

                  Attendance - 16,590                                                 Physical healings - 1,532

                  Sovereign healings – 790                                         Inner/Emotional/Deliverances - 654

                  Blasted - 2,312                                                          Salvations (altar call) – 49

                  Salvations (team lead) - 14                                      Re-dedications – 30
                  Blind Eyes Opened – 14                                            Deaf Ears Opened – 10

                  Lame Walking – 2                                                   Tumors Disappear – 12

                  Metal Miracles - 7

These were the reported figures, but God showed up in so many other ways that our stats weren’t tracking!

We all wanted to bring back everything we experienced on this journey and share it with our home churches. Tom Jones reminded us, “We can only live this lifestyle if we let Jesus live HIS life through us.”

And as we parted ways, I’m sure that the silent prayer in our hearts was “Mais, Senhor.”