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October GSSM 2016 Brazil

 A group of 50 strangers from the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and various states from around the United States converged on Tuesday October 4, 2016 at Rio de Janeiro airport. Fifteen of these were first year students of Global School who were there to experience the miraculous power of God working through them.   It was quickly discovered that we all had one thing in common - a hunger to see the Kingdom of God extended on earth and to be an active part of this. From pastors, church leaders to lay people active in many other ways in their communities, this common desire of like minded individuals drew us together as a team very quickly.  All week long it was inspiring to hear the stories of what God was already doing through each person and yet there was a common longing for more.

The first night was a powerful night of impartation for the team from Randy Clark and an amazing group of leaders and that were travelling with him.  Hearing the inspirational testimony of Blaine Cook was very moving and impacted many team members in various ways. By the end of the night there were very few left standing!

The next two days were spent at a Baptist Church in Central Da Barra in Rio. This was the first time Randy and his team had visited this church which seated approximately 2,500 people.  Following a teaching session of words of knowledge in the morning, it was encouraging to see the church people step out and give words of knowledge and pray for healing.  In the evening it was our turn as a team to do the same! For some team members this was their first time giving words of knowledge, but the way we were encouraged to go on stage and be part of the team and then to pass if we didn’t have a word made it a safe way to do so.  Before the team even started to pray there were over 280 healings that had taken place in the meeting with many more to come!

 A highlight for the team from the meetings at this church was a lady, who could only walk using a walker, left walking without her walker! Sight was restored, deaf ears were open, and people restricted in movement due to metal could now move! These and many other amazing signs and wonders left the team in awe of our amazing Heavenly Father who desires to move today and through us.

On Friday we travelled as a team to Volta Redonda where we went to a church that Randy had visited six years earlier. During the trip we were blessed with amazing worship times by Pier 49, which prepared hungry hearts for more.   We got to hear an amazing story of a woman’s faith and God’s healing power and the change her encounter with God’s miraculous healing had in her life six years earlier.  She was now more active in her faith and working as a pastor in the church.  The team also got to inspect the glasses of a woman whose sight was restored at the beginning of the healing meeting.  Actually trying on the thick glasses, seeing how visually impaired she was and seeing how much she could now see really hit home of the great changes that were happening in people’s lives through God’s healing hand.  Many healings and salvations occurred over the three days in this church and many were ‘blasted’ with the Holy Spirit!

In the afternoon on Saturday we had a chance to do some shopping in a plaza. While walking around the mall some Portuguese phrases of “be healed in Jesus name” could be heard as members of the team stepped out in faith with their limited Portuguese and prayed for the sick. Many team members left this trip with a stronger desire to carry on walking in the gifts God had activated in us. They were determined not to leave healing for in the church only.  It was a short trip; however the impact of this will carry for a lifetime.