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December 2016 Brazil

We started the trip in Curitiba, Brazil. After arriving at the hotel, we met for a briefing meeting followed by an impartation service.

The following day the first service was held at Igreja Cristiana Presbyteriana, Curitiba for pastors and spouses. Randy Clark shared about being filled by the Holy Spirit more than one time. He also shared stories of those who had been touched in prior years, and they continue to produce fruit for a long time thereafter. Randy and the team then prayed for the attendees and many were powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit. The hunger of the leaders attending was palpable.

We had free time in the afternoon so people had a chance to get a peek at Curitiba. In the evening the team split up. One group went with Rodney Hogue to Igreja Quandrangular Contolengo. Rodney preached, the team gave words of knowledge and over 50 people received physical healing. Many more received emotional healings and people were being touched by the Holy Spirit. Another team went to Tempo De Brilhar where God moved powerfully healing the sick and emotionally wounded.

Thursday morning we boarded a bus and headed for Ponta Grossa. We had some down time at the hotel and then boarded the buses again to head to the evening service at Igreja Cristiana Presbyteriana Centro De Convencoes Do Avivamento (ICP CCA), a large Presbyterian church.

Randy preached the following day at the morning service and then the evening service. During the evening service, Randy had the worship band play the song Agnus Dei with the expectation that during worship people could be healed. Over 60 people were healed sovereignly during that worship time. The people were hungry. Many had travelled from other cities to attend the meetings.

On Saturday we attended another morning service at the church. Rain began to fall, so we prayed for the rain to stop by the evening when we would be attending an outreach in a local park held by the church. Our God never failed to hear our prayers. When we arrived at the park, the rain had stopped and we had an open heaven. Randy preached and William gave a powerful testimony of the goodness and power of God in his life.

The final day of ministry Blaine preached in the morning at ICP CCA, and Rodney took a team to ICP Sede. Some of the ICP CCA team ministered to the children. We all met back at ICP CCA in the afternoon for a team meeting and time of impartation. Randy read a powerful prophetic word given to him regarding the mission of Global Awakening. That evening, Blaine took a team to ICP Sede while Rodney preached at ICP CCA. Overall, we saw thousands touched by the power of God. Blind eyes and deaf ears were opened, the lame walked and the demons fled.

A special highlight was a young woman who had been brain damaged from complications at birth was able to get out of her wheel chair and experience walking. So many on the team participated in praying for her, and she really sensed God moving in her. Though she only spoke Portuguese, God enabled her to understand the English spoken to her.

The hosting churches blessed us with their servant hearts. One of my favorite times was at the end when we were able to bless the kitchen staff with prayer. God touched them deeply.

Monday morning we boarded the buses to head back to the Curitiba airport with a stop at a local garden for a final team lunch and pictures.