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March Brazil 2016

Trip Report March Brazil 2016

The Global Awakening trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil 2016 was named “Passion”. There was a lot of passion, and all the services were filled with passion and love. The Holy Spirit touched many people supernaturally, and many times it looked like a war zone, as there were bodies all over the floor.

From the very first meeting we had, it became obvious that the team had been specifically hand picked by our Father. We worshipped together, we prayed for each other, and we shared amazing testimonies of what God did during the week. The bus rides were filled with so much passion. We all got used to shouting, “Praise Jesus,” when we took the stats every evening. There was so much joy within the team.

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Thailand, Singapore 2016

Right from the very start the team of 53 people from all over the world were hungry to see God move. Most people arrived early Wednesday, January 6th and met in the foyer to start connecting. From then on the team was ready. Thursday we began our rugged adventure in the TukTuk which took us to the massive stadium which seated over 5,000. We were so blessed to be greeted by wonderful hosts and then taken through some training. We joined a healing team from Thailand, making us a big group ready to see people free. The Thai culture has interesting little things we needed to know, like don’t put down their King or never touch their feet or heads. We were told to be expectant for deliverance, so our expectation was high. After this we went into the auditorium for a powerful time of worship and prayer with the worship team and pastors organising the event. Wow, you could feel the shift in the Heavenlies. Thailand was about to be set on fire!! Simply the prophetic dancing alone was taking ground.

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