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YPI 2017

The Youth Power Invasion trip of 2017 was dynamic, miraculous and a wonderland! The team of over 140 came from many different areas of the globe. There were believers representing the United States, Canada, England, Australia, Germany and other nations all converging on Campinas, Brazil for 12 days of turning the world upside down, bringing the gospel of the kingdom with power. In all, thousands of people were touched by God in some way.


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May Mozambique 2017

Our trip to Mozambique was entitled “Calling”, and each member of the group felt the Holy Spirit’s inviting to come explore more of God Himself. We are grateful that our Father does not disappoint us when we respond to his loving voice with a desire to receive more of his heart.

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UK Denmark 2017

God Knows Your Name!

This was one theme that tied together three churches where the conferences were held in Gravesend and Southampton, England and Copenhagen, Denmark.

In addition to the amazing teachings, words of knowledge — including many names -- were spoken by the speakers and the team members that ended up having an amazing impact. Sometimes the names were meant for somebody at the next church, or another church an entire country away! All of us had the privilege of hearing Dr. Randy Clark, Blaine Cook, Dr. Tom Jones, Dr. Heidi Baker, Ed Rocha and Justin Allen. While all are powerful speakers, more importantly, they are the obedient daughter and sons of a Mighty and Powerful God.

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Australia 2017

A massive globe-trot for Global Awakening to the great down under of Sydney and Brisbane, Australia began June 1, 2017. The IMT Team was led by Dr. Randy Clark and Dr. Tom Jones, with Paul Martini, Kayle Mumbi and Justin Allen sharing the pulpit. Director for IMT, Pat Bock managed a ministry team of 33. Seventeen were from the US, 12 from other states of Australia with the remaining members from India, Hong Kong and Malaysia.


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Nigeria 2017

“KIngdom Revival Conference 2017,” featuring Leif Hetland, Tom Jones and Paul Martini was hosted by Femi and Mina Bajomo and their foundation, Lapis Lazuli Ministries. Our Global ministry team included members from the United States, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. With a small, yet gifted team of fifteen, there was an incredible atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship and love. The entire team grew very close to one another and to the saints in Nigeria that we were privileged to work with and pray for.

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