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Colombia 2017

We came from the four corners of the earth – Australia, England, Canada and United States; 36 strangers bringing God's love to Medellin, Columbia, a metropolitan city with a population of over four million people. As our team gathered for the first time we had no idea what was in store for us. To say that God showed up and showed off in a mighty ways is a gross understatement. We came to bless and were blessed. We stood in amazement and awe of our mighty God as we saw the blind regain their sight, the lame walk, tumors dissolve, pain disappear and emotions come into balance.

The first few days we enjoyed the worship, teaching and ministry times at Community of Faith Church which has over 8,000 members. We attended several services there and during each service people came forward and crowded the altar to receive salvation. Because the hunger for God was so great it was very easy to lead the Columbian people to salvation and pray for them. As we prayed we saw God do things that we had never seen before. Deaf ears were opened, people with pain from metal in their bodies walked away pain free, and the love of God and His peace enveloped everyone that came to receive.

The danger in some neighborhoods was very real. Prostitutes, abuse, sex trafficking, and witchcraft were prevalent, but as we walk in His authority, God's power was stronger and His light dispelled the darkness. In one such neighborhood there was a beacon of light. Viento Fresco Children's Center was an amazing facility that ministers to children and families. They provide nutritional meals for 180 children Monday through Friday. We spent a considerable amount of time at the center ministering to the neighbors and staff and playing with the children. When a team comes to visit and minister there is Sancocho. Sancocho is a soup like stew that is cooked all day over an open fire, in a huge pot. As small teams ministered on the streets during the day, they invited people to come in the evening for soup. In the evening the pot was carried to a street corner where over 200 people came for soup many also received prayer and ministry.

Our last day in Medellin was a fun tourist day. We took a tram to the top of the mountain and witnessed the beauty of Medellin spread out in the valley below us. As we stood in the plaza in the Santo Domingo neighborhood, we learned that ten to twelve years ago it was an area of extreme violence created by gang wars. In the midst of that, a small group of people dared to stand in the glory of God and minister to the neighbors. Today the gangs are no longer prevalent and that plaza is filled every Sunday night with praise and worship to our mighty God. We also experienced the diversity of God's creation as we visited the beautiful botanical gardens where we enjoyed a picnic lunch. Later that night we had the honor of being blessed by the hosts of our trip with a dinner celebration including traditional dance, a lovely meal and last minute hugs, photos and good- byes.

As we returned to our homes we will remember the messages on of the power of testimony and encouragement that anyone can be used to heal the sick. We take with us memories that will last a lifetime and new friends from around the world. We have been truly blessed.

By the numbers:

Attendance 12,750                                                        Physical Healings 676

Sovereign Healing 246                                                  Emotional Deliverance 356

Salvation 327                                                                Tumors Disappear 5

Deaf Ears Opened 9                                                      Blind 6

Blasted 205                                                                   Rededications 12

Lame 5                                                                          Metal Miracles 6