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Nigeria 2017

“KIngdom Revival Conference 2017,” featuring Leif Hetland, Tom Jones and Paul Martini was hosted by Femi and Mina Bajomo and their foundation, Lapis Lazuli Ministries. Our Global ministry team included members from the United States, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. With a small, yet gifted team of fifteen, there was an incredible atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship and love. The entire team grew very close to one another and to the saints in Nigeria that we were privileged to work with and pray for.

 The first two days of the conference were in Lagos. The worship team, under the amazing leadership of Nathaniel Bassey, ushered in such an atmosphere of Kingdom and Open Heaven that the speakers altered their plans and let the Holy Spirit have His way with all of us. With so many Pastors in attendance, from all around the country of Nigeria, the ministry team spent much of their time with Impartation. It was so gratifying to see the Holy Spirit ministering to His beloved representatives. While many people received physical healings, it seemed that Jesus was primarily ministering inner healing, just loving on and imparting great peace to His Kingdom ministers in Nigeria through his Global vessels.

 Upon leaving Lagos, the team had a long day journey by air and then by bus to Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, located in central Nigeria. This was a ground breaking historical event, as this was the first time a Kingdom Revival led by Global Awakening went to Central Nigeria. We all felt the miracle of doors opening for the speakers and team to reach people from all around central and northern Nigeria, including the war torn northeast. That night we were invited to an amazing supper, hosted by Pastor Obi in a private home. There we met amazing Pastors, Apostles and Prophets, who greeted us with such honor, that it was an incredibly humbling experience for us all. It was like Papa God was hosting a family reunion for His children. Many of the Global team got busy doing impartations and offering healing prayers to those gathered there that night. Jesus honored us with His Presence and several people there that night received physical and inner healings.

 The first day of the conference in Abuja was outstanding; the level of Kingdom atmosphere was elevated from the beginning by Pastor Chingtok Ishaku’s unique and prophetic-style worship.

Just like in Lagos, our amazing speakers let the Holy Spirit be the headliner of the conference in Abuja; all of us were caught up in Heaven. Our Father, Papa God, took center stage and was the keynote speaker, using Leif, Tom and Paul as vessels for His voice. They had a new boldness in their messages. Ministry from the Global international team, as well as the Lapis Lazuli team, was so simple. We would just go around saying “Fill, fill, fill" or “we bless what you are doing” and “more Lord”. No long prayers were needed; all received what they needed from our Lord.

One of the more emotional moments for all of us was when the large group of widows from northern Nigeria, came down from the upper gallery for prayers and blessings. Tom Jones honored them through the Hausa interpreter. But during prayer, no translators were needed. When we laid our hands on them and wrapped them in our arms; Jesus was ministering his love and peace to His beautiful, broken hearted Brides.

The last evening of the conference, General Gowon arrived. There was an amazing time of prayer that included generational blessings; recognition of the seat of old government and transfer to a new government; recognition of the dignity of the elder statesman; a prophetic transfer of innocence of youth and the next generation of sons and daughters being raised. The timing could not have been more perfect, as Leif spoke on the Orphan Spirit. All of us were no longer orphans. It was family restoration of all of His children back to their Papa God.

 Without a doubt, all of us who were privileged to be part of the Global Awakening Nigeria 2017 experience, left a part of our hearts in Nigeria and brought back home with us a piece of Heaven.