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UK Denmark 2017

God Knows Your Name!

This was one theme that tied together three churches where the conferences were held in Gravesend and Southampton, England and Copenhagen, Denmark.

In addition to the amazing teachings, words of knowledge — including many names -- were spoken by the speakers and the team members that ended up having an amazing impact. Sometimes the names were meant for somebody at the next church, or another church an entire country away! All of us had the privilege of hearing Dr. Randy Clark, Blaine Cook, Dr. Tom Jones, Dr. Heidi Baker, Ed Rocha and Justin Allen. While all are powerful speakers, more importantly, they are the obedient daughter and sons of a Mighty and Powerful God.

 It was also evident during this trip that the team members and conference attendees were all there on assignment from God. People that I had met in Brazil (December 2016) and others I had met in Nigeria (March 2017) were at the churches in England! Then God used us, pairing us very deliberately to pray very specifically, for very specific people. A prayer for a creative miracle created the missing bones in deaf ears and the woman could hear! In front of our eyes God moved a crooked leg bone that was 25 degrees twisted back into place! A man with Parkinson’s was able to not only speak and walk again, but to run a victory lap around the church, with his arms up high. This was after one of our tenacious team members prayed for him for three days! Victory and all Glory to God!

Global Awakening serves as an amazing vehicle for God to send us out to the nations, but there is more going on than the privilege of being the conduits for Jesus to heal the sick. That of course is what draws us initially, but God in His great mercy, has much, much more in mind for each of us (including the speakers). He shows us continually how amazing He is and that as we obey Him, He has so much more for each of us. That is if we are completely so empty of ourselves that Jesus can shine through us. Then we can bring peace into a place of chaos; we can bring love into a hate tensioned situation; light into the darkness — and the enemy will flee as we set others free.

At one point we realized many of us on the team and the churches were hearing military words from God. He was telling us that He was forming a NATO-style alliance for the spirit realm. He kept confirming that we were all handpicked by Him as Spiritual Warriors to meet specifically during this trip in the flesh! We were gathered from all around the world - the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Brazil, the USA, Australia, China, South Korea, Turkey, Nigeria, South Africa and France.

We are truly God’s army. We are to storm the gates. Some of us are lone wolves, Navy Seals, even carrier pigeons. Some of us are on the front lines. Others are the invisible ones, doing reconnaissance work under cover of darkness. Our mission includes recruiting, being the Sent Ones who will rescue the captives and the lost, and it is imperative we are to leave nobody behind.