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Australia 2017

A massive globe-trot for Global Awakening to the great down under of Sydney and Brisbane, Australia began June 1, 2017. The IMT Team was led by Dr. Randy Clark and Dr. Tom Jones, with Paul Martini, Kayle Mumbi and Justin Allen sharing the pulpit. Director for IMT, Pat Bock managed a ministry team of 33. Seventeen were from the US, 12 from other states of Australia with the remaining members from India, Hong Kong and Malaysia.


 The trip was divided between Sydney and Brisbane, with considerable ministry time at individual churches and a conference in Brisbane. The team also took time for Treasure Hunts and ministry in the cities visited.

More than a thousand people were reported healed or delivered including blind eyes, the deaf, and some lame and confined to wheelchair life. There were times of a massive Presence of God. His moves within individual churches stoked the fires, increased the hunger and blessed many with impartation and anointing. The teaching and preaching were at their best.

The anointing of the speakers was very evident, and the churches, plus ministry teams, were mightily blessed. The ministry team itself was incredibly diverse with a multi-denominational and multi-racial mix, as well as a wide spread of age and ministry experience. The old and wise were very gracious and passed on their knowledge and understanding in healing, deliverance, spiritual warfare, angelic activity and spiritual cleansing. Nobody left this trip without being significantly impacted by what God wanted for them to experience in their personal journeys.

The team was particularly blessed to be able to visit and pray over River Life, Queensland, and their new building, which triples their capacity as they boldly step out with vision and anticipation for what God is going to do in their midst. This was a time of great learning for many members of the team, who witnessed and joined in spiritual cleansing of the land and its atmosphere and included some inter-ministry team teaching on discernment of spirits and spiritual gateways.

As with all the Global IMT Trips, every place that was visited was revived and re-ignited, and the ministry team itself received impartation and anointing to take back into their individual home churches. No one can go on a trip of this type and escape without a significant life changing impact on themselves, their communities and those who cross their paths.