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May Mozambique 2017

Our trip to Mozambique was entitled “Calling”, and each member of the group felt the Holy Spirit’s inviting to come explore more of God Himself. We are grateful that our Father does not disappoint us when we respond to his loving voice with a desire to receive more of his heart.

He used many settings to show us about Himself and our call to love. In Wednesday evening worship we joined with energetic celebration and devotion. On outreach to a village in the bush-bush, we saw the faithful service of Bible School students and many prayers of faith received in humility. While visiting widows’ homes, our perspectives were awakened to the realities of poverty. On a trip to a preschool, we experienced the perseverance required to reach those of another religion. During an outreach to a village above the dump with ocean views on either side, we saw the irony of despair in the midst of beauty. In praying for patients at the community hospital, we gained appreciation for the many healthcare basics that we take for granted. At the Iris farm, we were privileged to be part of baptizing workers and their families. With the Children’s Day celebration that included thousands of local children, we glimpsed a bit of God’s extravagance and delight in each of His children. We saw miracles in the bodies, souls and spirits of people we met and also in ourselves. In the mighty and precious name of Jesus, cataracts were cleared, pain disappeared, and demons were sent away. Because of our authority in Jesus, we were able to participate in expanding faith, planting hope, and restoring peace. We sang, danced, laughed and cried. We shared our lives and our faithful God’s amazing plans and promises - both fulfilled and awaiting fulfillment. We prayed together for his family to increase and prosper in a relationship with Him that permeates reality in every way. We learned about joy and mourning at a deeper level. And, finally, we were bid farewell in the fundamental truth emphasized by Rolland – everything is rooted in and dependent upon Jesus and his work on the cross. This experience resulted in both an increase in our intimacy with God and growth in our ability to extend His love and power to others. He has indeed blessed us in every way in order to be a blessing to others. Only God can change a culture by transforming hearts and inspiring through His Spirit. We continue to ask in faith and He continues to give abundantly.