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YPI 2017

The Youth Power Invasion trip of 2017 was dynamic, miraculous and a wonderland! The team of over 140 came from many different areas of the globe. There were believers representing the United States, Canada, England, Australia, Germany and other nations all converging on Campinas, Brazil for 12 days of turning the world upside down, bringing the gospel of the kingdom with power. In all, thousands of people were touched by God in some way.


During the first phase of the trip, the Global Awakening staff led the youth by example, running the church services, giving words of knowledge, teaching, equipping and imparting so that the youth could model their example when they left the second week. Randy Clark, Blaine Cook, Tom Jones and Kim Maas were the Global staff on hand for the training. During the day in Phase One, massive training sessions were held at the host church. Not only were the YPI youth involved but also local Brazilians. The meetings were always packed, and God always moved. Numerous testimonies and teachings were given, as well as times of extensive impartation.


Randy taught almost exclusively on healing and impartation, sharing endless testimonies and anecdotes from his lengthy past in ministry. He always shared with complete honesty and vulnerability and was very easy to connect to and learn from. Blaine Cook expounded on the Isaiah 58 about a fasted lifestyle, telling very powerful stories of people who were doing the very things outlined in that chapter. He also told the hilarious story of his 6-month long encounter with God. Tom Jones also shared about an encounter he had with God that massively changed his life, admitting that it was very undesirable to him and embarrassing. Kim Mass had a strong burden to encourage and exhort females into leadership and empower them to be all that God created them to be and to advance the Gospel as much as any man ever could. She also taught on the prophetic and operated in the gift herself, comforting, edifying and exhorting all who received.

After a powerful impartation service, the Global staff left for the United States, it was time for the youth to put into practice what they had seen. The results were miraculous and a real testament to the anointing that we were all under from Randy Clark. We learned a valuable lesson that Randy had taught before – being on the team is actually as good as being the leader. In Phase Two alone, there was no doubt that the many people involved were surprised with the results. there were 218 sovereign physical healings, 1,062 physical healings the teams prayed for, 391 inner healings, 145 salvations, 36 rededications, 1,741 people blasted by the Holy Spirit, nine blind eyes opened, 14 deaf ears opened, one tumor that disappeared, three lame people walked and two metal miracles! No single man, no superstar man of God, just ordinary believers walking in faith and doing what they've been taught. If this trip was meant to teach the youth anything, it taught them how to walk in this kind of power. This kingdom lifestyle is available to everyone, not just any one special man or woman. We saw it with our own eyes.

It was a trip no one is soon to forget. Many said that their lives were forever changed by the things they saw and did. It was a huge eye opener for some, a scary step of growth for others and for others it was just practice at what they had already known and experienced. The goal now is for us all to take what we experienced and saw back to our homes so that the move of God can grow. This must happen everywhere, and everyone would agree what happened was not just for us. Others must benefit. Our home churches must benefit and the world that desperately needs a touch from God must benefit. Gloria Dios!