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October GSSM 2017 Brazil

On the final day of an eight day mission trip to the state of São Paulo, Brazil, while taking the long, nine-hour bus journey back to São Paulo International Airport, one team member summed up the previous seven days in the following way: “In a land of revival, I was able to experience first-hand what God can do in an atmosphere nine months pregnant with expectation and faith: a labor and delivery room for birthing miracles!” There could be no more accurate description of the trip! Each team member returned home having witnessed and participated in a nationwide revival currently taking place in Brazil.

As team members, we came from all corners of the planet, from Australia, to South Africa, to Nigeria, to the Netherlands, to the United States, to Bolivia and more; 15 of us were students of the Global School of Supernatural Ministry, based in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Together, we were a revival-hungry team of 80 people. On the first night, Randy Clark, Blaine Cook, Kim Maas and other apostolic and prophetic leaders prayed for impartation for each member of the team. The night was wild and many of us were powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit. More than only an experience with the Holy Spirit, we were empowered for ministry and prepared by the Lord for everything that was to take place in the following days.

We visited two different churches during our trip, both Baptist churches that Global Awakening hadn’t visited before. We spent the first half of our week in one church, in a town called Araçatuba, and the second half of our week at the other church, in the town of Jales. The structure of each day was the same at each of the two churches. We had early starts to the day for the morning session, often leaving our hotel at around 8 a.m. During these morning meetings, we entered into beautifully intimate worship led by the Brazilian worship band from Pier 49 Church in Rio de Janeiro. Then Randy taught messages related to impartation and asked team members to come to the front of the church to prepare to pray for impartation for members of the congregation. After Randy invited the Holy Spirit to come, team members began to pray for those who came forward and we slowly made our way from the front of the church to the back. The intention was that every person would leave the church having been prayed for by a team member. We were astonished at what the Holy Spirit did during these times. Although there were around 2000 people at each of the two churches, often very few people would be left standing at the end of the meeting, most having come under a heavy outpouring of the presence of God. As team members, we were so encouraged that Jesus would use us to minister to people in such a way.

In the afternoons, after lunch at a local restaurant or back at the hotel, many of us took the opportunity to rest. We often finished late at night, so we would nap during the afternoons. Both hotels we stayed at in Araçatuba and Jales had outdoor swimming pools and considering that temperatures ranged from the late 80s to over 90°F, the pools provided much appreciated respite from the outside heat in the afternoons! One afternoon included an optional outing to the local shopping mall, where we had the chance to spend some of our recently acquired Brazilian Reals (the local currency)! We ate delicious Brazilian cuisine at each of our meals, but perhaps the restaurant most enjoyed by team members was a trip to a neighborhood churrascaria, a Brazilian BBQ restaurant, where waiters and waitresses would bring large skewers of freshly barbecued meats to the tables and carve directly onto people’s plates! We all ate very well that week.

By between 5 p.m. and 6 p. m., we were loading the buses once again to return to the churches. Following more worship led by Pier 49, Randy’s evening messages introduced a time of prayer for healing. Team members were encouraged to line up at the front of church to share with the congregation Words of Knowledge for healing. Some team members received their very first Word of Knowledge during this trip! Those who had the conditions mentioned would go to those team members and team members would pray (through an interpreter where possible!). We saw some spectacular healings take place during the week. One team member prayed for three people who were blind in one eye. On that one evening, all three people were healed more than 80%. Another team member prayed for a 19-year-old man who had been born with extra skin inside his nose, which prevented him from being able to breathe properly through his nose. The extra skin disappeared and he could finally breathe through his nose without obstruction! Two other team members prayed for a woman with intestinal cancer. Tumors had also developed in her legs, but as they laid hands on the tumors in her legs, they shrunk under their hands before finally disappearing completely. Overall, over 2000 physical healings took place, over 1000 of which occurred before anyone had even prayed for that person! 53 people experienced salvation, 10 blind eyes were opened, 28 people who were in pain or whose movement was restricted as a result of metal inserted into their bodies were healed and over 1600 people were powerfully touched by the Holy Spirit. Team members who had never seen people healed before going to Brazil have continued to see healings take place since returning.

The churches we visited provided snacks for the team after the end of each evening service, often around 10.30 p.m., and we would arrive back at the hotels between 12.30 a.m. and 1 a.m. The second church we visited in Jales had been praying for our visit for 100 days - there was such expectation and faith in the church that it was palpable as we entered it for the first time!

Looking back at the trip now that we’ve returned home, many of us team members have been changed for life. We’ve seen and experienced revival take place and God has given us a hunger for more. Jesus did so much in the hearts of the Brazilians during this time and he has powerfully touched us too.