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November Mozambique 2017

On the Mozambique trip called “Jubilation” we learned the following from serving with Iris Ministries  

How to truly love on people: The people in Mozambique have so little compared to us. If they know their food will bless you, they will share it with you; even if that means going without. Many live without all the modern conveniences that we have. They live in very simple homes. They don't worry if their house is better decorated or bigger than their neighbors. They don't have a big wardrobe but they are the happiest people.

Focus on what is really important:  Heidi Baker talked about her faith every time we saw her. Dream bigger! She taught us that finances always follow visions that God gives you. Sometimes God gives us great visions but because of lack of faith they don’t come through. Heidi and Roland have faced many trials but have stood strong with their faith that God would come through and He has!

Heidi and Roland have developed a caring and nurturing environment: Heidi and Roland don't try to change the people to become like us. They show them God's love and show them how to become independent. We met many young men that were on their way to great things! While there we were invited to house dedications too. The joy and pride of this day will last in our memories forever.

Faith can move a mountain: We were able to see and hear Heidi several times during our visit. Listen to what she went through to get land, minister to the people and children. There were times when she was discouraged but continued on with her faith that God would come through and He did.