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December Brazil 2017

December 2017 Fortaleza GA Trip

To start a trip out in the beginning of the summer months was very interesting.  Most of our teammates came from 32 degree weather and snow to 85 degree weather and high humidity.  Fortaleza has many very interesting traits that are very compelling to tourist.  The beach line and skyscrapers were breathtaking!!  It’s no wonder Fortaleza means “Fortress”.  The culture and people were very friendly and inviting.  It was easy to fall in love with them.  They opened their arms and considered us Family.

The trip started out with the sweetest sound from Pier49 Music.  The music was like a waterfall pouring Peace and Love into the hearts of the people.  Randy showed his heart and imparted gifts upon the local church.  Baptizing them in Holy Spirit and laying on of hands wrecked the room with new tongues, tears of excitement and births of spiritual gifts to take out into the country long after GA has left.   

There were many teachings from some very gifted individuals.  Randy Clark, William Wood, Ed Rocha, Rodney Hogue, Richie Seltzer, and Blaine Cooke all have hearts of Gold and know how to Love others.  It’s awesome to see God use humans to bring in such enemy defeating messages and teachings to take down disease, broken hearts, painful injuries.  Rodney had a week changing message that taught not just the local church but the team to break chains from past hurts and how to really be delivered from infirmities. 

The attendees of this conference came broken.  There were people with broken bones from car accidents and athletic events.  There were so many broken hearted from rape, loss of baby, marriage hurts, affairs, cursed, fatherless, parentless, and more.  Some came with tumors, cancer, no vision, no hearing, spines damaged, and tooth damage.

There were 698 Sovereign Healings that happened, that is amazing in it self!!  The team gave many words of knowledge.  As people came up and stood in line to get prayed for their hope was in Jesus to heal them of their hurts.  Our team was just the vessels that brought the peace of God into those situations.  The healings that teammates report are Broken Backs, Ankles, Shoulders, Knees, Head Injuries, Tumors, Tooth Pain, Wrists, Fibromyalgia, Ribs, Neck, Hips, Fingers, vision and many many more!!!  One that stood out was an ankle that had 6 different surgeries, with metal plates, pins and screws.  This ankle looked like someone ran it over and tried to piece it back together.  This young man had the Power of God fall down on him and his mobility and pain was almost complete restored.  Amazing to see!!! 

One teammate had the honor to pray for 6 people that were born deaf.  After the first person had their hearing, he asked that person to pray for the next and by the 6th person he had 5 people that just had hearing restored pray for the 6th person who also had restored hearing!!!!  This trip there were 33 deaf ears opened and 21 blind eyes opened.  ALL GLORY TO GOD!!!! 

Healings that we are still contending with is Cancer, Emotional pain, Marriage hurts, and all the internal organs we could not get immediate knowledge of healing.  We know they will report back with news from the doctor of restoration and we all will know it came from the One true Healer, Jesus with more to come.