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Nigeria 2018

Nigeria 2018 was an incredible outpouring of God’s Presence, Love, Gifts and Goodness! From the first Sunday services to the last, the love and power of God pervaded the atmosphere. Churches were blessed with powerful messages from Leif Hetland, Bishop Garlington, Tom Jones, Alun Leppitt and Charity Cook. The first day of the Abuja conference began with insightful messages to the leaders, many of whom lead persecuted churches. Tom Jones spoke on revival and declared that the expression of revival is the releasing of the gifts. Charity spoke “about ploughing the ground” in Nigeria in preparation for the coming renewal. Teaching layered on teaching, all adding to the message that there is a shift in the atmosphere for Nigeria. All sensed that the nation is in transition, ready for revival.

The mid-week convocation of Apostles was amazing. Pastors and leaders from all over Nigeria were challenged to lay down those things hindering their ministry. In a prophetic act, they lifted up imaginary “rods” of their ministry to Jesus, then laid them down in surrender. It was a solemn moment of re-dedication and re-commitment to the Lord. Bishop extolled them to be “like plants who, at the scent of water, send forth their roots.” He encouraged them to keep pursuing, to keep after the things of God. “The atmosphere of anticipation is the breeding ground of miracles,” he explained. Tom taught about living refreshed under the pressure of ministry, reminding them: ”Do not let your identity be wrapped around what you do. And quit? Never!”

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UK/Denmark 2018

As I was preparing to write this report, I was reminded of a song we sang years ago in the church.

We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord

We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord

And we pray that all unity may one day be restored

And they’ll we are Christians by our love

And they’ll know we are Christians by our love.

To me this embodied our team to England and Denmark as well as those we met along the way. We were a small team of twelve from the United States, Okinawa, Canada, Scotland and England. We were from all walks of life – retirees, a banker, a U. S. Marine, a teacher of Hebrew at a college, an accountant, a physician’s assistant and a consultant. It didn’t take long for the team to bond together beginning at Heathrow.

We arrived on Saturday, April 21 in London and went by bus to Addlestone, a quiet little town about an hour from London. This town would be our home for four days. Upon arrival we refreshed ourselves and set out by train to London. We were joined by staff from the church, St. Paul’s where we would be ministering, and a sweet woman who joined us from another part of England. There was so much to learn about each other and the train ride was perfect for that. We did a quick self-tour of the Tower of London which is an amazing fortress and castle along the Thames. One could spend hours there, but we made due with what we could see. We went to eat and then were off the Eye of London for a ride. We were there at sunset and saw some amazing sights including Big Ben, Parliament, and Buckingham Palace. Such a peaceful, enjoyable ride.

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Netherlands 2018

On March 13, 2018, a Global Awakening Team consisting of 12 individuals representing 4 countries, accompanied Dr. Randy Clark, Blaine Cook, Leif Hetland, Paul Martini and Richie Seltzer to the picturesque town of Nijkerk, Netherlands. Nijkerk, interesting enough, is located in the Bible Belt of the Netherlands. We were graciously welcomed at the House of Heroes by Senior Pastor Mattheus van der Steen and his mighty team of anointed Christians, who came together with us, to begin to usher in God’s love and power. We spent a life changing week in God’s presence and watched as the Holy Spirit refreshed, restored and renewed all that came. We saw the Lord do great and awesome things as His spirit was poured out. There was an atmosphere of pure worship and powerful teachings. We found people desperate and hungry for more of Jesus and He did not disappoint.

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March Brazil 2018

Our trip started many weeks ago when we were accepted to join the International Ministry Team to take part in all the amazing things that God is doing in this beautiful country. 

The whole team (from USA, Canada, UK and Brazil) were filled with excitement long before we left our homes.  After long flights we all arrived at Sao Paolo airport. We had the joy of greeting each other and here began the forging of many friendships which I am sure will last a life time! 

After an 8 hour bus drive, taking in the green, lush scenery of southern Brazil, we arrived at Bourbon Hotel Londrina.  The hotel staff were exceptionally kind, so welcoming and the food was excellent! The first evening was ‘Orientation’ and ‘Impartation’.  Pat told us everything we needed to know about the trip.  Thank you, Pat, for being such an amazing organiser and for overseeing our safety!  Then the Holy Spirit came and ministered His Love and Goodness in huge measure.  Through the Fire Tunnel, which we have come to know and love, we received impartation of the Holy Spirit to go out with power and boldness. 

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Guyana 2018

Our team of eleven (ten women and one man) enjoyed a rich and full week of ministry under Global Awakening International Missions Trips' leadership in the small country of Guyana on the northern mainland of South American, where English is the official language. More than half the population is reported as Christian, and major economic, political, environmental, spiritual, and sociological changes have placed the Church in a unique position to significantly impact their country as Light and Salt. One of our team was from Canada and the other ten hailed from the U.S., Minnesota to the east coast. Our director, Patrick Bock, met us in Miami on Monday, March 5, and we (ten out eleven team members) travelled together to Guyana, where we were met by local church members who accompanied us to the Regency Hotel in Georgetown. We checked in with ease and collapsed into bed as our first ministry day was to begin in eight hours. Throughout the week, all meals, travel, safety, and ministry details were taken care of seamlessly, which allowed each team member to “lean in” to ministering, impartation, healing and deliverance prayer, additional prayer support, and fostered unity among our diverse ministry team. Intercessory prayer was also offered by rotating teams of two on a daily basis.

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