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Colombia 2018

God is doing great things in Medellin, Colombia! Our International Ministry Team (IMT) of 40, led by William Wood and under the stewardship of Pat Bock, discovered the awesome revival God is bringing to the people in Medellin.

Our first morning during the week we were in Medellin, February 6th, we were introduced to our hosts, Tom and Jen Atwater (Directors of Viento Fresco Foundation’s Children’s Center) and some of their staff, who told us about our activities and noteworthy cultural points to observe. We worshiped through music performed by three of the Atwater children. Tom explained the organization’s ministry to the community. Viento Fresco Children’s Center serves about 200 at-risk children and their families weekly and provides over 14,000 meals each month. Through the Center, children from 6 months to 11 years old are loved and cared for during the day. The staff feed the children, provides help with homework, and teaches them the Word of God. A Mom’s Program helps mothers gain skills for financial security and to free them from prostitution and the drug culture. Additionally, their Soccer Club draws teens off the streets and away from drug dealing. The youth learn the Word of God through devotional time before soccer practice and are taught to apply biblical principles in their sport and in their lives. Throughout the week, Tom and Jen inspired us with testimonies of how God was transforming lives and moving through their ministry to touch the people who live in the area around the Children’s Center.


Our IMT members came from Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, and the United States – united as one in the service of God for the people of Colombia. We spanned three generations, with a nine year-old, spirit-filled girl, named Faith, being the youngest among us. Faith blessed and ministered to our team members from the very beginning whenever we met together. What joy we found in Faith!  

The team was comprised of four groups in order to minister to different churches. William Wood, Chandra Domich, David Roelofs, Fielding Cage, and Joe Kelly each gave powerful messages before ministry time at the various churches. We witnessed many salvations and people healed by the sovereign touch of God or by prayers following words of knowledge. Additionally, twelve members of the team joined in prison ministry with Jeannine Brabon, at Bellavista, a maximum-security prison. Holy Spirit came in power to the prisoners, healing and delivering many.

Thursday was tourism day. The home where Pablo Escobar once lived, including the entrance to some escape tunnels, was viewed by boat on the Guatape Dam. Afterward, most of the group ascended up 700 steps to the top of “The Rock” to enjoy spectacular views of the dam and village below. The team enjoyed shopping and lunch at “The Rock.” The final stop in Guatape included shopping, zip-lining over the water at Guatape Dam and a leisurely dinner before returning to the hotel.

During our ministry we refreshed and prophesied over Viento Fresco staff, blessed the children, and prayed for people in the neighborhood, leaving each with a bag of food. The families mostly live in a single room, rented by the day, and often with just a curtain for a door. Over the course of the week, we also prayed in the future site of a new missions building God promised the Atwaters, ministered at a girls’ home and churches, prayed for a business owner and his employees, and ministered to moms and young adults. The presence of God was palpable as He came in power, healing and delivering people everywhere that we ministered. To God be the Glory!