Moved by God

We were the group who pushed and moved until we were granted access from Bethlehem Pa a total of 14 crazy people went to meet with God in Mechanicsburgh at Pursuit conference. We didn’t have tickets ahead of time, but we knew that we needed to be there. So, we booked hotel and
by faith went! We were all so immensely blessed.

We all at felt the move of God on Friday at same time either by His cool breeze or by the heat of the Holy Spirit. But one of the girls was new to this. God spoke so specific to her through both Will and Bob. She ran for Miss Pennsylvania and when God spoke to her through the prophet, he
mentioned modeling and dreams she has and to keep going cause God is in it. Then Will confirmed it with a word when he asked us to stand up when we felt the Spirit as he read the Word. She stood up and God did not pass her by He spoke again through Will. The rest of us of course received word and were impacted and we believe that the revival God. promised through the youth ministry in our church is already happening and that we needed to hear what God did through Will all as encouragement on not giving up and pushing until the Spiritual manifest in the natural. Thank you and we hope to be part of the tour Will is planning our church is desperately seeking God for revival and we believe going to Mechanicsburgh is part of the plan! Thank you for pouring out as you did! –Linda
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