Mozambique – A Salvations Night

When we were in the Bush, we saw at least 3 salvations just going door-to-door. It was amazing to see just how hungry everyone was. Same goes for the healings we saw. Everyone was so expecting to be healed. It wasn’t even a big deal when it happened. We went with the “moms” to their houses to pray for them: We went to the first house and prayed but didn’t see anything, but she was still very thankful. Then, we went to the second house and saw God heal one of the mom’s stomachs and then we went to the final house and prayed for the third mom’s daughter and her stomach was also healed. The healings were awesome but what spoke the most to me was the hospitality
of the women. They gave us food and chairs . . . pretty much everything they had. It was awesome.

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