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Mozambique – Knee and Toe Pain

One of the long term missionaries had long standing pain in her right knee and hip. It had started with severe pain in her left big toe in the middle of the night. After a few attempts at prayer, with a little improvement, I felt we might stop. Then I experienced anger over the debilitating nature of the injury of this lady who was giving so much to so many. I shared a testimony about a healing just before I left on someone’s legs. I felt the Lord say “scorpion –- suck out the poison”. I asked if He really wanted me to suck her toe. “Yes” was the reply. So I wiped her toe with a wipe and sucked it and spat it out. Then I felt Him say “pull out the sting”, which I did, and we prayed for healing. She was immediately in less pain. I felt Him then say “walk, walk” – which she did – and as she kept walking up and down the steps the pain diminished and went away. She was so happy and so were we. Praise Jesus for the keys!

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