Mozambique – “It tastes like love”

From the moment I got off the plane God was breaking my heart here. I found myself weeping when I didn’t expect it and I didn’t know how to describe what is happening here except to say it “tastes like love” here. 

The sounds, motions, children, worship, fellowship, church, teaching, walking in the village, can all be overwhelming at times. Even so, I am learning to focus on the one person in front of me.

I think the most powerful thing that happened for me today was the overwhelming love I had for the children as they passed through the fire tunnel at children’s church. There were hundreds and I looked into the eyes of so many and saw the face of God in them. They looked at me with such love and the smiles and joy on their faces had to be seen to be understood. The day ended with worship in the prayer hut and God showed up again! Then a time of prayer with Will and he spoke powerfully over many. God is touching all of us; all of us deeply, I believe. He is good! He is simply and amazingly good and His love is so real. — Rod

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