Mozambique – Ministering at a Car Accident

This is the day that our team returned from the bush-bush to the Iris base.  We’d been travelling for about 7 hours when we came upon a serious crash, a HUGE semi-trailer, turned over and one man seemingly dead inside the cabin and one man still alive but trapped as his leg was tightly stuck in the door frame.  His leg was visible on the outside of the door as he lay on his stomach in the inside of the tractor trailer.  We stayed there for 45 min in all.  After the initial 15 minutes, our driver wanted to leave the scene and go back to the base.

A few team members did not want to leave as they felt a strong prompting to stay longer and pray for the man in this situation.  We certainly did not have any means to help him out but we did not know if he was saved or if God was about to do something great in that place with us being there to intercede.  So I asked the driver if we could stay longer and pray…and he responded positively and turned off the engine.  Thank you LORD!  I personally asked our driver and our translator to consider going to minister to the man inside the truck, to encourage him, to ask if he knew Jesus…and both turned down my request.  I asked Fatima, a 17 yr old precious daughter of Iris who was my last possible translator.  She agreed to crawl at the back of the cabin (from the outside) to ask the man if he knew Jesus…and he said that he did.  Fatima ministered to this man, in Portuguese…she was SO mightily strong and brave to do this.

Within 5-10 min of praying for the man, and translating words of encouragement and support to him, we began to see the man pull himself completely inside the cabin, moving more freely, becoming completely loose from the trapped door over his leg.  I am convinced that this is a miracle of our Father for this man’s life.  He actually had a NT Bible in his back pocket as the officer was looking for his identity.  One of our team members is a paramedic so she took responsibility to strap him to one of our wooden boards from the truck and we drove this man to the hospital in Pemba.  Our team was singing praises to God and praying from the moment we arrived on this scene until our complete arrival on the Iris base.  It was a powerful act of God for this man’s life.

I saw a young girl (Fatima) stepped into a very difficult and potentially traumatic situation, just because her heart was in agreement with my heart, we were burning inside to know if the man knew Jesus…since we did not know if this person was near death at that point.  I was SOOOO proud of her!  I saw a whole team (of strangers from many different nations) powerfully come together in unity, in prayer, for God’s power to show up in this tragedy.  I saw a mighty church in the back of a truck, sharing food and songs of praises just moments after a distressful event that gave us all a taste of survival.  I was humbled to be a vessel of His boldness and love, that day in the bush of Mozambique. ~Manon

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