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Mozambique – Mother Nursing Her Child

As a prayer session in the bush – we had a young woman with at least one child. The one we saw was nursing. The woman herself did not look well nourished, so it’s any wonder what the baby was getting. We prayed for pain in the left side of her head. The woman never seemed to respond to our prayer. She seemed so depressed, however she did give a mother’s attention to her child . . . loving, tender, caring. At the end of our visit, she had never smiled. The woman of our group told her she was beautiful in God’s eye – internally and externally! Finally, a smile we got! She did hear our prayers! I thought about this woman, just like some others we had prayed for. Several were depressed, but now I call it despair – no way out of their situation – they will do their wifely duty – love and care for their children – who are everything to them. And by knowing Jesus for all eternity, they will be in paradise with God the Father. This is their life knowing that by giving their life to Jesus they have eternal life with no depression or despair! Our team in the Bush outreach called upon a family with multiple health issues. Doug Johnson was able to find out that the head of the household practiced witchcraft. After discerning the bad effects of this man and his wife both gave their lives to Jesus. He even gave us his witchcraft items which we took away to destroy!! Praise God that we were able to get this out of his house so freely! We later went to our “prayer” tree to pray for our group where the Holy Spirit anointed us in a mighty way. What a blessing for us and to those we prayed for that day!

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