Multiple Healings; Overcome with Joy

I had three words of knowledge. The first was a pain in the left side of the mouth.  The second was pain in lower right back and hip.  The third was pain in my right calf.  This was my first time receiving words of knowledge.

The first woman who came up for prayer had a pain in her mouth. This was one of the words I shared from the stage.  She was healed 100%

The second woman who came up had a pain in her hip.  I prayed for her once and she felt better.   I prayed for her again and she felt no pain. 100% healed.

The night was ending and a young woman came up asking a question.  We had no interpreter so we waited and waited.  When an interpreter was available, she was asking who shared the word about the cripple who could not walk.  We did not know so she asked if anyone else could pray and we said of course.  She ran off.  The man I was standing with and I prayed as we watched her for a while. After a minute I walked in her direction.  When I got there, another team member was praying for a man but nothing was happening.  He could not walk.  He had a neurological disorder and had fallen and he was also in pain from a broken leg.  I prayed for him, asking Jesus to come.  I prayed that God would glorify himself and send His Spirit to heal this man’s legs.  I looked at him and he said a little better (we had no interpreter).  I prayed again and asked for more of Jesus and more glory to go to God, more of the Spirit and the faith of God.  His wife and our team member knelt at his feet weeping while I prayed.  I asked him how he felt and he said it was 20% better and I asked if he could walk and he took four or five steps. I asked if he wanted more and his eyes lit up and he said, “Yes”.  I prayed again and blessed him and called on the name of the Lord to send His power for His glory and we praised God together and I asked him to walk with me and we walked all the way to the front of the chairs.  I prayed for Him one last time, blessing him and confirming that God started the good work in him and the faith of God could continue to make him well.  He walked by himself back to his friends with joy all over his face. – Steve, CIC CRM

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