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Teen Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis Healed

A girl about 13 or 14 came up to me. She seemed somewhat frightened (she had fear on her but there also courage present). She said she sometimes fell down and they would put her in a wheel chair.

She said she also had weakness on her left side. (Doctors had said MS.) She wanted to be her eyesight healed so she wouldn’t have to wear glasses. I got the impression there was something with her hands. God wanted me to do something with her hands. I told her to put them to the side of her neck and I prayed for her. Something felt wrong. I felt “fiery darts” come at me – distractions, doubts. An internal voice said, “Keep praying.” I talked to her again and she said her left side and specifically her arms were weak. I realized that God wanted to heal her hands, so I took her hand and prayed more. I also realized that there was a battle with a powerful afflicting spirit. The more I prayed and pressed the more it pushed back. I knew God wanted to heal her so I kept praying. The doubts and distractions started to go away. I was starting to feel mentally, physically and spiritually exhausted. After 15 minutes of prayer the next service was starting so I had her follow me to the back. I kept praying. The worship music started and after about two songs, I felt something lift. I felt peace come. God spoke clearly with a still small voice and said, “She is healed.”

I kept praying because I felt I was supposed to. After few minutes of peace and joy, I asked here how she was. She said her arm was completely better. No weakness, numbness or tingly feeling. When I asked her every few minutes, she said that she was feeling better. She left quickly or her mother and gave her a hug.

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