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My Heart for This Season

So many people right now are hungry for God. I think we all feel the need to get more of what God has for us so that we can really shine in the days ahead.

You probably know that “there is more” is a phrase I use often, ever since God broke out at Toronto. I still see a need for leaders, ministers, and really every believer to press into the more of God. This is what’s most on my heart right now.

During our recent conference at Andrew Wommack’s church in Colorado, I had a quick conversation with my director of events, Ben Stewart. We talked about this need I see and about the main call on my life, which is to see God activate Christians in their gifts and to stir up faith in them so that they can receive an impartation from God.

You see, I believe that we only see healing, miracles, signs, and wonders as God’s people are desperate and press into God for the more that He has for us. So, really, this ministry of impartation and activation is a real key to seeing the kind of outpouring and demonstrations of the Spirit that we are praying for. In Ephesians 5, Paul tells us, literally in the Greek, to be continually being filled with the Holy Spirit. This isn’t just a one-time thing, but an ongoing need we all have. Later in his life, Paul told Timothy to once again stir up the gifts and calling that had been deposited in him through the laying-on of hands.

And that is why I’m putting on the Greater Things conference. Among all the events we’re doing this year, all of which I believe are important and fill vital needs, I can still say that Greater Things represents the main thing that’s on my heart. Its focus is on connecting you with teachers and worship leaders who will stir you up for an encounter with God so that you can receive an impartation from the Lord. This, I believe, will result in you going back to your life and ministry with more power, more boldness, more faith.

I fully expect to hear dramatic testimonies from attendees as they go back home and find that they’re walking in more power than ever before. That families are going to be transformed, churches are going to grow, and the power of Jesus will be seen in your life more than ever before.

Won’t you pray about joining in with us this August 4–7 in Oklahoma City for Greater Things? I believe it will be the most important and impactful event of 2021, and there’s just no substitute for being there in person.

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