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Neck, Arm & Lower Back Pain Assuaged!

I was at Faith in Action church. A woman came forward at the end of the evening for prayer. She had neck and right arm pain and also pain in her lower back. I prayed two or three times and she was getting only slightly better. 

God told me to pray off an afflicting spirit. When I did that, she got a beaming smile on her face and said the pain in her neck was 100 percent gone. I asked her about her back. She said it was a little better but not gone. I think she was so happy to have her neck pain gone that she didn’t want to bother us with more prayer. I told her God healed her neck but that did not mean He didn’t also want to heal her back. I prayed again and she received the same beaming smile on her face. She didn’t stop smiling the rest of the evening. (This was the woman who had been fixing the food for our meal. She had been so busy the night before that she couldn’t come for prayer, but she made a point of coming tonight.)

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