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Neck Pain Gone

This healing occurred after we were called to the front to give words of knowledge. People lined up to receive prayer from people that had words of knowledge for them. Later that evening, I noticed a lady that was waiting for prayer in the next line. A small whisper in me said to pray for her and I asked, but she was adamant that she wanted to be prayed for by another team member that had gotten words of knowledge for her. I assured her that she could get prayer from the other team member as soon as she was done praying with the other person. She finally agreed for me to pray for her. She had quite a few things wrong with her that did not build my faith for her healing. From severe neck pain, back pain, and pain in the legs. I did the interview and started to pray for her. Not long into my prayer, I could see the power of the Holy Spirit come upon her. She was slain in the Spirit for a while and when she got up, her neck was completely healed. I believe the other parts of her body were healed also because the neck is the main cause of pain in other areas. I was busy with others when she got up but I could see and hear her moving her neck from side to side and testifying that they were completely healed. 

That is not the end of this story. I shared this testimony with the other team member the following day, she was undone because she wanted to minister to her but Holy Spirit encouraged her to continue ministry to the person that she was with and that He would take care of the other lady in her line. I don’t usually pray for people in other’s lines but it seems God supernaturally orchestrated that lady’s healing for His glory.  – Akeem, Military

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