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Nepal/India 2011: 1 1/2 Year old Gets Hearing

I want to share that when we were in Kathmandu I prayed for a little girl that was about 1 1/2 years old and the Mother told me through the translator that she had not heard since birth. I put my hands over her ears and just asked God to bring back into order or to create all the little bones in the ear canal and the ear drum and bring hearing to her ears. I took my hands away and asked the translator to ask the Mother if she could tell if anything happened. When I said that the little girl kind of turned toward me and then the Mother spoke to her and said a word that kind of sounded like ‘ma ma’. The little girl repeated it and then she said something else and she repeated that also. I said to the translator, ‘Ask the Mother if she has ever done this before.’ and the Mother said “No, this was the first time.”’ Praise God!

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