Nepal/India 2011: Boy Blind in One Eye

Boy with one blind eye healed: I prayed for a boy, ten years old who was brought to the pastor’s conference by a pastor from an orphanage six hours away in southern India. I noticed that his right eye was cloudy in color. I was told later that he was blinded at 2 years old when a stick poked thru his right eye and as a result, he was rejected and given over to care for by the orphanage. I laid hands on his eye and prayed that Jesus would heal his blind eye. I felt led by the Holy Spirit to put some spittle on my hand and put it over his blind eye (like Jesus did) and after a while he was crying. The pastor asked him what’s happening and he said that his blind eye is hurting and that was why he was crying – I noticed a lot of tears from that eye – something is happening he said. I told him good, pain is good, and continued praying.

After awhile I lifted the hand from his eye and he was smiling and pointed his hand towards
the window saying he could see. We tested his sight for several minutes, asked him how many fingers, pointed out people, and picked up my red camera from the floor. Yes, he could see with his right, formerly blind, eye, and he was beaming. Karen and Geoff from the Global team were very excited because the boy (Name – Kalimuthu) came from the orphanage that they support and Karen knows his background. In the afternoon we prayed for him again and the vision got even better and the cloudiness color cleared more. That time we got him to touch our (moving) noses using the vision of his right eye. Got that on video! Praise the Lord! Glory to God!!

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