Nepal/India 2011: Stomach Demons

We were taken to a village where we were told that all except four or five families were Christian. We stopped at a very small, dark hut where an older woman was lying on a mat inside the door. It was too small for us to go in. I noticed that the stone outside the door where the women ground spices and herbs for cooking was very dirty and had obviously not been used for a long time, so I assumed she’d been sick for a long time. She could hardly creep/crawl to get herself outside to where we could pray for her. She had intense stomach pain and terrible pain in her legs. She was obviously very sick. We were told that she had demons. When we prayed, the power of God came and she began to react. We kept praying for deliverance and healing. Each time we asked her, she said she felt better. I wondered if she was just saying that, but the next morning, the minister from the village told me she was completely healed.

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