New Zealand – Abdominal Wall Restored and Healed

Natalie had come to the stage for prayer. I had just finished praying for Marie. Earlier Marie had called out a word of knowledge related to an organ. She didn’t know if it was the pancreas or the stomach. Natalie was waiting for prayer related to that word. 

Natalie needed healing in two areas. First, she wanted prayer for her pancreas. When she was pregnant she developed gestational diabetes. Five years later she still had diabetes and had to take insulin. Her second prayer need was healing of her abdominal wall. While giving birth, her abdomen muscles had separated. There was a vertical hole in her abdomen that you could stick three fingers in and feel her intestines. She had no strength in the abdominal muscles because they were not attached in the middle. Natalie let both of us put our fingers in the hole in her abdomen. She said the only treatment was surgery and even with surgery the amount of improvement was minimal. We started praying for her, asking Jesus to knit her abdominal muscles back together and to wake up her pancreas so it would fully function again. After just a few minutes of prayer, Natalie doubled over and started sweating and straining. Marie and I could tell something powerful was happening. This lasted for several minutes. When it passed, Natalie straightened up and said the muscles in her torso had contracted very powerfully. This seemed impossible to her because these muscles had no strength due to her injury. We knew that God was healing her. So we praised God for His healing touch on Natalie and asked Him to keep healing her. She doubled over again. When this one passed, she laid on the floor so we could see what had happened to her abdomen. We felt her stomach area and it felt much firmer. Instead of just being soft in her injured area, there was a firmness that hadn’t been there before. We all three felt it, rejoiced and thanked God for what He was doing in Natalie’s body. She was sweating and said this was hard work. She said it felt like childbirth type of contractions only in reverse. Instead of making the muscles go out, it was making the muscles come back together. Natalie wanted to go for 100% healing and we were excited to keep praying. After we prayed a third time, Natalie just continued to get contraction after contraction as God was restoring her abdominal wall. Her husband came up to the stage and felt her stomach area. You should have seen his face. He could really tell there was healing happening. When I had to leave for the van, Natalie was still having contractions. At one point the area that had previously been able to fit three fingers was reduced to belly button size. All glory and honor and praised belong to Jesus the Healer. I praise You for healing Natalie’s abdomen. Thank You, Daddy God, for the privilege of being a part of this miracle of healing. You are good! – Susie
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