December Brazil Ministry Trip

79 Team members from all over the United States, Australia, England, Sweden, Canada together with Randy Clark, Blaine Cook, Jamie Galloway and 7 Global staff (Including Nic & Rachel Billman) Arrived in Porto Alegre, Brazil on December 10th, 2013 to minister in Healing prayer and Words of Knowledge to the Brazilian church for 6 days and nights. During the week, Randy, Blaine, Jamie and the team ministered to nearly 7,670 people. 1,341 people were physically healed & 81 received Christ as their savior for the first time. 

Here are some testimonies about the trip:

December 14th:

There was an old lady that had complained about her back pain. She said it had been like this for 10 years. I decided to ask her to sit on a chair and then try to get up and stand so I can see for myself what pain she suffered. When she tried to stand she slowly bent forward and slowly with a pained expression stood up from the chair. I ask God to heal all the vertebra, disks, nerves and hernias in her back and spoke to the spine to come in line with her perfect body. We kept on in commanding prayer. I ask her how she was. She said, "Okay." I said, "Okay, now sit down in the same chair and see if there is any difference getting out." She sat and when the translator told her to get up, she flew out of the chair so fast that her legs could hardly keep up with the action. She was so happy holding her hands together and praising God. She was healed.

December 13th:

A girl named Gisellia came forward. She has vision problems in both eyes and needs glasses to see more than shadows and even then is never able to see details such as people's faces. We prayed once and she said she was 15% healed but also said she felt the presence of God coming from her head all through her body. We prayed again with no change. Then we prayed a third time. I opened my eyes and suddenly felt overwhelming love and compassion for her. Then my hands got really hot and my head started hurting at the temples. I placed my hands on her temples and prayed. Then I placed my left hand on her occipital region of her head (because that is where the brain's vision center is located) and my right hand over her eyes. Then I looked at her closed eyes and just believed she would be healed, but I did not have enough faith to tell her that. I placed both of my hands on her eyes and prayed for a little bit longer. I removed my hands and asked her to open her eyes and tell me if it was any better. She opened them and looked around with a look of wonder on her face. Then she said through the interpreter, "I can see faces!" We hugged and praised God and prayed blessings on her. When Eddie interviewed her later, I learned that it was extreme near-sightedness with a significant astigmatism. Everything was fuzzy, and it had been this way since birth.

December 14th:

We prayed for a young lady who was sobbing and shaking and unable to tell us what was wrong. She appeared to be manifesting something. I believed I got a word of knowledge that she had been raped when she was younger. It actually matched up with the only word of knowledge I got that night, which was for sexual abuse. I started quietly praying against the spirit of trauma and then for wholeness. Shannon was praying for deliverance and healing from torment and trauma. In my prayer language, I suddenly realized I had said, "Go STD" three times. I shared this with Shannon and we started praying for healing for that. When the girl fell out, we conferred for a little bit, realized we were getting similar impressions, and kept praying. She started to make weird body movements and to speak in tongues. We listened closely, and I just started whispering "Jesus is Lord, Jesus esta Senhor" in her ear over and over. She smiled and did not contradict me, and her tongues were sweet sounding. We stayed with her until she woke up. Then we snagged an interpreter and asked her what she had been needing prayer for and what God had done for her and how she was feeling now. She was crying and smiling. She said she wanted to be closer to God but had always felt a block there. But when we prayed, God touched her and she felt peace and joy.

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Mozambique Trip Report

Mozambique Ministry Team

Trip report from our recent ministry trip to Mozambique, Africa by one of our ministry team members:

Trip Dates: Nov. 4 through Nov. 16, 2013

Trip Lead by: Will Hart from Global Awakening 

Team: 36 lovers of Jesus from New Zealand, Singapore, U.K., Northern Ireland, U.S.

Trip Destination: ARCO/IRIS Ministries in Pemba, Mozambique, Africa, lead by founders Rolland and Heidi Baker. Both Americans, they began their ministry in Pemba when God told them to take children from the city dump and provide for them, even when the Baker's had nothing to give. God has provided ever since... for the last 19 years. Now their ministry encompasses children's homes throughout several countries, a Bible school, outreach to remote villages throughout Africa, assistance to widows, and much more.

Languages: Many Mozambicans speak Portuguese and many of the tribes we visited speak Macau. Some of the children at the children's homes and the Bible College are learning English.

Conditions: Life, even in the city, seemed to be at subsistence level. People live in huts made with bamboo and mud. The city of Pemba and the villages we visited had electricity but even the city ran out of water and went into a water crisis while we were there. That meant that people couldn't bathe and no water came out of taps during most of our visit. Thank God for our Western heritage, because the men had to lug the water from the well for the women, as opposed to the African women carrying water for the families. Thank you men! (We had bottled water to drink.)
Culture: Muslim but almost half Christian now due to 19 years of evangelism by IRIS Ministries

Trip Summary: 
God's pervasive love was evident throughout our entire trip in Mozambique. He kept us safe and mostly healthy and allowed us to witness Him being poured out through us. Truly, as Heidi Baker says, the poor ministered to us and we were broken through them. This was not an experience of simply miracles and the power of God but of His totality, His completeness encompassing us in whom He is: love. It was the full gospel. Everything we did seemed natural and easy.

After the initial shock of seeing how primitive Pemba was when we arrived on Wednesday, (mud and bamboo huts throughout the city) even for those who have traveled the world, God gave us an innate ability to reach out and love. And it was the Mozambicans who allowed us to do so freely.

First Outreach to a Village: The day after we arrived in Pemba, many of our team repacked and left for an hour and a half drive to a village to evangelize with some of the Bible school students and several of IRIS' Mozambican pastors. The whole village came out to greet our buses. Though we could barely communicate, we became friends with the children almost instantly, because we took photos of them, allowing them to see what they look like in a place that has few mirrors. Soon they were making faces and hamming it up for the camera. Even some of the adults came forward and smiled, and a group of women stood at the edge of our tent city and watched.

That night the team played Christian music videos sung by a Mozambican woman while we all danced in circles with the village children. The children were allowed to run free with us. Then a "Jesus" film was shown in an open field and we sat in the dirt in a field to watch. After the film Bruno, a 19-year-old native who had grown up at IRIS Ministries since he was five, preached to the crowd. Several people became Christians, though it was difficult to judge how many. We also prayed for healing and people were healed by God, including a young man who we believe had thyroid disease and was complaining of a sore throat. He was jubilant after his healing.

Roosters woke us the next morning, and the village kids were there at our tent doors waiting. They loved our water bottles and pleaded for them. That morning, the King, Queen, and leaders of the village came to receive us, so we could honor them. Heidi Baker later explained that her teams were stoned many times when they first started going into villages until God showed them to honor the power structure of the village. As the leaders sat on mats, IRIS representatives and we Westerners knelt in the dirt and went along the line to introduce our selves to the village leaders. They were friendly and kind.

That afternoon, we split into teams with interpreters to walk the village and tell them about Jesus and the Jesus movie we were going to show again that night. The villagers welcomed us with great curiosity and openness. The village had electricity but woman still had to carry water on their heads every day to have enough for the family. Some people in the village had cell phones. One woman allowed us to use a 6-foot long, 4-inch round pole to pound her grains for the evening meal. When we finished, she got fancy, throwing the pole up in the air, clapping, then catching great applause and laughter. That night the Jesus film was shown again and the gospel was preached. Many came into salvation and many were healed, including an elderly woman who had sores on her chest and pain in her hips and legs. After a half an hour of prayer for two deaf teenage boys, they were able to hear! They were ecstatic and glowing. They were able to make some sounds close to words people spoke to them in English. Praise God that these boys will be able to have fuller lives and hear the birds.

God's sense of Humor: While the village women were waiting to see the doctor at the IRIS medical tent setup in the village, we prayed for them and polished their nails. The deep purple was the most popular. Even after 30 to 40 women's nails were painted with this one bottle and it began to cake in the heat, we prayed and God made it liquid in the bottom. This one bottle lasted for at least three to four hours, replenished by our God to make those women feel special!

At another IRIS Village Outreach, a Muslim female king was healed and came back to the team to receive Jesus as her Savior four hours later.

At IRIS During the Outreach: Those that did not go on this outreach did various things at the IRIS center and children's home, holding babies, taking children to the beach, helping at the new medical clinic, and interacting with people at the village feeding. Every day, IRIS offers a lunch of rice and beans to those from local villages that come to the center and hear a teaching about Jesus. Most are women and children. While sitting near a tree at IRIS, a child came up to Carol, from our team, with an empty can of evaporated milk. He prayed and enough milk came out for him and another child to drink.

Picnic with Rolland: The group returned from the "bush outreach" on Saturday and was able to take sponge baths. That night Rolland Baker met us at the beach where the new college is being built and ministered to us with the amazing joy of God. Many were stretched out laughing for hours, because of the joy...especially Kara! Thank you Rolland for blessing us. Thank you Will Hart for the fresh fish and food. It was a break from rice and beans.

Snorkeling: Many of us were able to take a few hours and snorkel the amazing waters of the Indian Ocean. The fish, starfish, and coral were sent from Heaven.

Back to business and Ministries through IRIS: We heard the great evangelist Mel Tari preach the Sunday, and then Will reminded us to get back to the business of ministry after a day of relaxation.

  • On Monday, many of us went with IRIS teams to visit the homes of local women asking for financial assistance from IRIS. IRIS does these checks to ensure the women are representing themselves in truth. Each team visited three homes, or mud huts. One of the homes we saw was not even a mud hut. It was leaning bamboos where a young woman lives with her three young boys after her husband left her. It will blow over when the storms start in December. To replace her home, it's about $2,200 for a mud hut.
  • On Tuesday, many of us visited the Pemba hospital where we prayed for pregnant women, children, and others. Before entering the hospital, a construction worker asked for prayer for his ear. When he was healed, he and about five of his co-workers received Jesus as their saviors.
  • On Tuesday night, Heidi was back from overseas, and she had our team pray for the children at the children's home. Many on our team said this was the most touching and loving experience of the trip. Thank you, Heidi, for giving us this opportunity to bring us closer to the children.
  • Throughout both weeks our teams: played with the children at the children's' home and with children from the local villages, prayed for healing at the hospital, held babies, helped organize medicines and medical supplies, took children to the beach – one child with one adult, hugged women from the local Pemba villages, and loved on people.
  • Some More Outstanding Moments:
    • Our team member, Judith, was set free from fear of the water after almost drowning three times over the years when the team prayed for her, and she went snorkeling!
    • Our team member Doreen's torn ligaments and herniated discs in her neck were healed during a village outreach.
    • Our pastor favorite New Zealand pastor said his best experiences were the three prophecies he received from IRIS Bible college students.
    • We all loved the love of our group and Will and Jethro

Second Village Outreach:

  • At the end our second week in Mozambique, Heidi requested that our whole team join her and the Bible students on an outreach to a village in the mountains about two hours from Pemba. Due to an infestation of worms, many in the village were close to death earlier in the year. IRIS had taken a team to irradiate the worms. The first night we played with the kids and danced to Christian music. Heidi preached and then we stood in rows of two to make "Fire tunnels" through which the villagers walked through to receive the power and love of God. Many were healed. Team member La Verle said one of the boys go so much joy that he was clinging to LaVerle's leg, laughing hysterically.
  • The next day, some visited the village homes and some washed the children's' feet and pulled worms from their feet when needed. Mostly we got to love on the children by washing their feet and putting medicine on their sores. Even when most didn't have worms, we got to give them the purple medicine that felt like the love and safety of child in the West feels when getting a Band-Aid.

At IRIS: Thank you Heidi Baker for inviting the whole group on the outreach to the mountains and for giving us such favor with IRIS. Thank you Rolland Baker for sharing your amazing God-given joy with us at the beach. Thank you Mel Tari for your love and wisdom. Thank you for allowing us to invade you lives and ministry. Thank you IRIS staff, especially hospitality, for putting up with us. We love you!

At Global: Thank you Will and Jethro for pouring out to us. Thank you Randy Clark for allowing our trip to go forth. Thank you Megan and Christina at Global Ministries for showing love when you were overwhelmed.

Thank you Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit! To you belongs all of the glory. Thank you for making the way for all of us.

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GSSM / IMT Brazil Trip

Brazil Ministry Team

Global School of Supernatural Ministry students are given the opportunity every year to team up with others for an international ministry trip that brings the good news of the Kingdom to the nation of Brazil in partnership with Global Awakening's International Ministry Team. This year, 18 GSSM students were lead by GSSM Director Mike Hutchings to the city of Sao Paulo and joined Randy Clark, Tom Jones and 80 other team members from many nations bringing renewal, healing and restoration to many churches in the city. The GSSM students ministered through words of knowledge, prayers of healing and deliverance and brought God's love to the spiritually hungry people of Sao Paulo. In addition to the GSSM students, the team was composed of hungry Jesus lovers from all over the globe: Singapore, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and over 10 states in the USA. These people all met for the first time upon arrival and united together from different cultures, churches and theological backgrounds to experience the love of God poured out on the people of Sao Paulo. The entire team, both GSSM and IMT, saw these demonstrations of God's love and power:

During 6 days of ministry with 17 services in 8 separate churches (Methodist, Baptist and Non-Denominational) all over Sao Paulo, Brazil (approximately 12,850 people), here is what God did:

  • Salvations: 303
  • Physical Healings: 1493
  • Sovereign Healings: 1195
  • Blind Eyes Opened: 34
  • Deaf Ears Opened: 24
  • Tumors Disappeared: 110
  • Lame Walking: 5
  • Metal Miracles: 22

A wonderful addition to this trip was the involvement of the Randy Clark Scholars Doctor of Ministry group that helped teach and mentor the team throughout the time in Brazil. The GSSM students returned to the states with a higher level of experience, faith and expectation for the advancing of the Kingdom through healing ministry and encounters with God.

Testimonies from GSSM students & IMT team members:

October 8, 2013

A young man said he had pain in his back. When I went to lay hands on him, the Lord said to stand behind him and look. When I looked at him, I could see the top half of his back leaned to the right. When I looked, I saw a wave roll up his back. I extended my hand to pray, and I saw more waves roll up. He straightened up with each wave. Suddenly, he turned around and yelled NO MORE PAIN! – Randy Porter (Maintenance/Associate Pastor)

October 9, 2013

During the ministry time at the Methodist Church, a woman named Rosetti came for prayer for pain on the inside of her right knee. I knelt down and prayed briefly for pain to leave and the knee to be healed. Through the translator, I asked her to do something she could not do before. She was standing like a flamingo with her right knee bent all the way up. Through the translator, she exclaimed, "You don't understand—I couldn't do that before!" She received full movement and freedom from all pain. - Tom Holloway (1st year GSSM Student)

During the ministry time at the Methodist Church Wednesday night, a young English-speaking member brought her Aunt Sandra, a woman in her 50's. She lived with constant pain in her left hamstring and radiating from her lower back where surgery had left her with five screws. When I took her hands, she began to smile and laugh. I asked her what she felt. She said, "Dizzy..."—to which I said "Good! Let's ask for more!" This happiness intensified. Without laying hands on her back, she started to report the pain receding. I told her not to settle for partial healing because Jesus has it all. I commanded the metal screws to dissolve in Jesus' Name. Sandra got really happy. She said it was hard to keep her feet on the floor—she wanted to fly away. I told her to fly away! She reported all of her pain leaving. She got the mobility of her spine, and was filled with joy. She actually danced with me briefly before giving thanks and asking the Holy Spirit to fill her life. - Tom Holloway (1st year GSSM Student)

October 10, 2013

A lady with a small tumor on the side of her breast came for prayer. (She had cancer before and it had been treated. Now it was returning again.) The tumor disappeared completely after soaking in the presence and commanding it to leave. – Matt Breems (Retail Management/Associate Pastor)

A man came for more prayer for glaucoma which gotten 50% better from the previous night's ministry. I invited the Presence for several minutes as the Lord's love was touching him. I spoke to the eyes, commanded clarity, reshaping and damage to be healed. After many minutes it got to 90% better. – Matt Breems (Retail Management/Associate Pastor)

A word of knowledge for ringing in the ears was given. A man came with ringing in his left ear. I spoke healing to any damage in the inner ear and commanded it to stop. I told it that it had to stop. I rebuked any hindering spirits and then we got 100% healing. – Matt Breems (Retail Management/Associate Pastor)

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Brazil Trip Update/Testimony

Lighting Fires - Brazil trip Update (Two Day Summary):

The team for the current Lighting Fires Brazil trip arrived from 5 different countries, some travelling 40 hours to join us, and our team members from Wales taking a surprise detour via the Canary Islands! Despite flight delays and a fun (5 hour) introduction to the unpredictability of São Paulo traffic we were at last all together as a team and left for our first night of ministry.

All of us had come to Brazil hungry and expectant to see God move powerfully through us and amongst the Brazilian church. That first night we actually experienced scripture coming to life! In Ephesians 3:20, He says He "is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us" and that is what we experienced! Jesus sovereignly healed people standing without one prayer even being spoken! We saw back pain and shoulder injuries healed, mobility restored, emotional healings, salvations and deliverances! More than we could ask or imagine!! Just one of many amazing testimonies was a large growth in the neck disappearing completely and the same woman having full mobility restored! She left laughing and dancing, pain free and completely healed! I love that each day of the trip our definition of what we could hope for or imagine becomes changed – and He always promises MORE!

Mais Senhor! More Lord!

Trip Testimony:

"Last night (9/29), we had a great meeting at a Four Square church in São Paulo, one of the evening's highlights for me was Felipe, an 8 years old boy [we prayed for]. He had never walked before last night. He was born premature and had a series of events including a heart attack that resulted in the loss of movement of his legs. He is not completely healed yet, but with his dad's help he would not stop walking. When I asked him what happened he told me, "I'm sad I can't jump yet, but I'm happy Jesus has healed me and I can walk now." This sweet boy has just started a journey of healing. It was beautiful to see him going home holding his dad's hands and walking, as his mom was pushing the empty wheelchair. Yes, Jesus! Can't wait for what's next!" - Jonathan Costa

The Lighting Fires Brazil trip began on September 26th and will end October 8th.

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