Our First Network Retreat

Network Retreat - Group Photo

Last week from October 28th to the 30th, over forty pastors and ministry leaders from our Network joined us in Gettysburg, PA for our first Network Retreat. We gathered at the Middle Creek Christian Retreat Center located on 535 wooded acres just minutes from the Gettysburg battlefield. Over the three days, God met these leaders with refreshing, healing and new vision. We went into the event with high expectations, but the reality completely blew us away – what an incredible time of fellowship!

While some of the attendees had met before, many had not and several were entirely new to the Network. Despite this, the group was more family than anything by the end of the first day. Overall, the event was a mix of teaching, ministry and fellowship time that focused on maintaining spiritual health. Tom and Brenda Jones, Mike and Roxanne Hutchings, Bob and Carolyn Sawvelle, Jay Baylor and Doug Johnson took turns pouring into the group, addressing the difficulties of leading busy ministries while still maintaining healthy home and spiritual lives. We took meals together, worshipped together, ministered to one another and met in small groups. In the evening, we stood by the campfire and simply enjoyed each other's company.

This time of fellowship was precious and in many ways momentous. It seemed every person left carrying something with them that they hadn't arrived with, be it new relationships or new revelations. Even more than that, it felt like a new beginning for our Network, a new chapter in the history of our community. God used this time in beautiful ways, and we are already excited for next year's retreat.

More information about A.N.G.A., our network of churches and ministries, can be found at http://globalawakening.com/network. If you have any questions or would like to join, please contact us at network@globalawakening.com.

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